LeapFrog LeapStart 3d and Trolls Activity Book

As part of the LeapFrog Play Panel, we were invited to test out the new LeapStart 3D and Trolls activity book – the boys love their LeapPad so they were super excited!

The LeapStart 3D is an interactive book for children aged 2 – 7. Using the special stylus included, you child can point to things in the compatible LeapStart books, and it will read or tell them what they are pointing at.

There are various books available, featuring all their favourite characters. Trolls is the flavour of the month here (seriously, if I hear ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ one more time I may scream!). The books contain a whole host of games and challenges which encourage a range of skills including problem solving, maths and reading.

The LeapStart 3D is a little bigger than the standard LeapStart and has a pull-out handle, for ease of carrying. It also has an additional feature to the LeapStart – a little screen which projects a holographic image to a mirror above when LeapStart 3D books are being read. The kids, as you can imagine, loved this and thought it was magical!

A couple of things to bear in mind are that it does need batteries (2 x AA) which aren’t included, and it does need connecting to a computer via the USB data cable if you want to use any additional books with it – the sample book comes pre-downloaded. It didn’t take long, but if you have kids chimping at the bit to use it, it might feel like hours.

To change from the sampler book to any that you have purchased, you simply remove it from the binding rings and put the new one on – it’s simple enough that even Ben can do it himself. The stylus pen is attached to the LeapStart, which means it isn’t going anywhere, and is chunky enough for even the smallest of hands. It is worth noting that the tip of the stylus is hard and can mark the books if pressed too hard.

The book that we were sent is a level 3 problem solving and creative expression book, aimed at children aged 4 -7. It has 33 pages of fun and educational activities, as well as a page of stickers. There are two different levels within each activity – press the green button to play the basic level and the orange one to start a more challenging one. The blue lightbulb gives clues and the red hand completely stops the game or activity. It was perfect for both Alex and Ben, but even Harrison had fun with it.

What I’ve loved about all of the LeapFrog products that we have tried so far – for both the blog and ones we have purchased ourselves in the past – is that it uses technology in a really positive and educational way. We can’t escape technology and screens, but we can embrace them and use them wisely with our children.

The LeapStart 3D is available in blue and green or pink and purple. It costs around £50 and is available from national retailers or online from Amazon. Games are priced individually.

*We were sent these items free of charge to test out because we are part of the LeapFrog Play Panel. We weren’t asked to be all nice and positive about it, because that wouldn’t be an honest review, but we do genuinely really like it! No one paid us to write this either, if you’re wondering! The post also contains Amazon affiliate links, so if you buy something after clicking on there, I might earn a few quid. Cheers!

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