How To Parent A Defiant Child Before Nap Time

Sleep is the most essential necessity of our lives. Long sleeping hours make us healthy, fit, energetic and ready for the next day. But most people, especially in today’s time suffer from sleep deprivation. People due to work pressure or stress cannot sleep at night. Often cozy, soft mattresses, dark rooms and comfortable temperature helps to sleep. If you want to know more about different types and brands of mattress, visit Nowadays, sleep deprivation is often seen in young children also. Parents try different ways to make their children sleep at night.

Here are some of the ways you can make your kids sleep well during the night.


  • Rearranging your child’s sleep pattern.


The sleep problems are not always because of health issues. Sometimes it can occur due to excess sleeping at other times of the day. We often think that one should sleep at night. We tend to forget that sleeping is accounted for the whole day. The possibility of sleeping at other times of the day is often overlooked.

A parent can avoid this type of problems by taking care of the total sleep routine of the child. In very young, sleeping problems are not good for health and may cause various complications.

Taking long hours of nap during the day can make it harder for her or him to sleep at night. If you notice that if he or she can sleep at night, by avoiding nap during the afternoon, make them do so.


  • Tiring out your child


The kids have more energy than adults. If they have more energy, then it is hard for the kids to fall asleep. If the children take long naps in the day, they will more likely want to play in the night.

So a parent should know and understand this behavioral pattern of children. A lot of physical activity in the day will make your children tired. The more tired they are, the more likely they are willing to sleep. Avoiding watching TV or playing video games also help the children to fall asleep faster. Even pediatrician recommends playing and doing physical activities.


  • Creating a very cozy and calm environment


The bedroom where kids sleep has to be calm, quiet and cozy. The ambiance has to be comfortable and relaxing. A quiet, dark room can help the kids to fall asleep quicker. Turning off the bright lights often helps.


  • Activities before bedtime


Relaxing and calm activities before bedtime help the kids to sleep, faster. Often the doctors suggest solving puzzles or painting before bedtime. These activities are relaxing, fun and pleasant. Reading story books before bedtime is one of the most popular and best ways to make children fall asleep. The kids also get to learn in this process. Bedtime stories help the kids to develop imagination potentials too.



  • Making bedtime a daily routine


If parents make bedtime a regular routine, then kids will want and thrive on the structure. Nightly routines help the kids to develop any sleep associations. It also reduces stress for the parents. This can easily be done by turning off the video games or TV, playing soft music, talking softly, dimming the lights of the room and others. All these subtle changes will give your kids signs that it is bedtime.


  • Turning off electronics


Electronic gadgets are proven elements that cause sleep deprivation in young children and even in adults. An hour or so before sleep usage of any electronic devices should be strictly prohibited. Allowing usage of computers and TVs in the bedrooms are very distractive and reduced sleep in kids.


  • Eating the right meals before bedtime


Eating right proportions of meals before bedtime is important. Healthy food helps to fall asleep. But junk and oily food often causes discomfort. Especially, intake of caffeine should not be allowed before sleeping. Caffeine in coffee is a type of stimulant. It is not healthy for kids and should not be consumed. Milk or any other juices can be taken before bed. Light, healthy snacks are also good for health and help to fall asleep.

Sleep is extremely crucial to lead a healthy and happy life. Sleeping for 8 to 10 hours a day helps to stay energetic. The body also functions better with adequate sleep. It is the duty of the parents to make sure that kids are getting enough sleep throughout the night. If no home remedies or methods work, it is better to consult an experienced doctor. Sleeping problems should never be avoided.


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