Healthy Living 101- Embrace your Well-being that your Body Deserves

Do you dream of leading a healthy lifestyle? Well, the thought becomes even more firm when you see a picture of a fit person on social media. And, you wish to have a healthy body like them. But, how do you do that? It’s a daunting process, you think to yourself.

When you want to give up the idea of leading a healthy life, you come across some tips that could help you achieve heights of success. So, is the healthy living mission still in an abort mode? Oh no.. not anymore. Instead, you may want to embark on the journey right away. 

Well, the process isn’t as hard as you think. All you need to do is know what’s to be done. Reading on these practical tips, you’ll know the ways of living a healthy lifestyle you ever wish for. It might be buying wholesale elderberry capsules as well as incorporating more sleep and exercise into your life. Let’s get going with discovering what these are.

  • Drink More Water:

This tip may seem too obvious, but it’s the basics, folks. 

As per recent studies, your regular water intake must never be less than 3.01 L per day as a male. Females, on the other hand, must consume around 2.21 L per day. Ensure taking this exact amount of water as lightly as possible. Some people may encounter more water loss through ambient temperature, activity, and other factors, so hydrating yourself is the key!

The human body has 60% of water. And, this alone sheds light on the vitalness of hydration across the day. 

Consume 0.5 L of water right after waking up to lead a healthy lifestyle because the body is dehydrated during the night. You can also use some water reminder apps to keep up with the strategic plan of drinking more water. 

  • Wash your Hands:

Everyone’s well aware of the fact that washing hands before eating is a must. But, how many wash their hands before eating, in reality- sadly only 12%. 

But you’re probably not one of them, right.  

Washing hands is critical in these situations:

  1. Before, during, or after the preparing food. 
  2. Before eating
  3. After using the toilet
  4. After touching sick people, animals, and garbage. 

The benefits of washing hands are: 

  1. Lowers the chances of intestinal problems and diarrhea. 
  2. Fewer bacteria, reducing the chances of illnesses and infections.
  3. Prevents infections in the eyes. 
  • Create a Healthy Sleep Routine for yourself:

You might have seen successful people living off 3-5 hours of sleep per night. But, Mariah Carey enumerates that she needs around 15 hours of sleep in a day. 

Now the real question arises- What is the amount of sleep you require?

Well, the answer is something that nobody knows, and experimentation is the key. It is always wise to plan your sleep and record how you feel after waking up. Also, try and find your sweet spot. 

Following a monophasic sleep schedule (sleeping in one go) is never a wise idea. Instead, experiment with polyphasic sleeping schedules like the Uberman Sleep Cycle or have a siesta in the afternoon. 

  • Track a Day of Eating:

Tracking your food intake cycles for a day can turn your world topsy-turvy (for good), of course. Experts recommend using apps like MyFitnessPal. These show what all you ate and the number of calories and nutrients the same food had. 

A golden rule- take a note of literally everything. 

Tracking a typical day of eating will help you see what you usually eat. Don’t forget to punch the details of the choco-chip cookie you sneaked in the night. 

Becoming aware of what you’re eating helps change your unhealthy eating habits into healthy eating habits subconsciously. And, the next time you crave a bowl of chocolate ice cream, you’ll want to eat a piece of fruit instead.

  • Make Exercise Fun:

Exercising should never feel like an obligation; it should be fun, folks!

Make simple tweaks to your life and exercise part and parcel of your daily routine. These may be:

  1. Walking to work instead of commuting.
  2. Walking a dog instead of watching TV. 
  3. Using a treadmill desk instead of a regular desk. 

Ensure to consult your professional coach or a doctor if you wish to train like a hardcore athlete. 

  • Plan and Prepare Healthy Meals:

Aptly planning your meal helps in taking you away from unhealthy snacks that you eat in-between meals. Or, maybe in an effort in deciding what to eat. 

Planning your meals have a gazillion benefits, some of which are:

  1. It saves money and time
  2. It helps resist unhealthy choices
  3. It makes the shopping process easy

Several apps help plan your meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and healthy snacks all through the day. Also, it saves your time over the week. All you’ve to do is choose a day in a week and invest a couple of hours preparing your meals. 

  • Get More Organic Supplements:

If you plan on leading a healthy life, your body needs to stay close to nature as far as possible. And, this means you should eat less processed foods, more organic foods, more nuts, and plants. 

Include healthy foodstuffs like Omega- 3 to help the brain function to the maximum levels. Also, it’ll work wonders for your overall well-being. Now that your body cannot produce it on its own, it’s vital to go in for some supplements like Krill Oil, an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids for skin, brain, and overall health. Always choose organic and natural products, giving you a dose of Mother Earth at all times. 

Also, make sure to spend more time in nature. In this way, you get more Vitamin D, which the sun provides. 

  • Love Yourself:

Mental health and physical health have a close relationship. Thereby, loving yourself by talking positively is what blossoms in life. 

Another fascinating part of nature is that we can make our bodies heal wounds. And, how is that possible? Well, oxytocin it is. All you’ve to do is touch yourself by placing your hands on your belly to release oxytocin. It’ll come as a surprise to you that hearing the voice of your loved one also releases oxytocin. 

  • Lower your Sugar and Sodium Intake:

Lowering the sodium and sugar intake in foods is always wise. You may want to defy this but know that added sodium and sugars are found in bread, chocolate, pizza, and soda drinks. 

Thereby, always check labels before consuming anything. Look at the amount of sodium and sugar in the product. And, you can even track the content if you’re serious about it. 

The Verdict- Say Yes to Healthy Living Now

It is pretty easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle by introducing gradual changes. Write down the foods and drinks you can consume throughout the day. 

Also, try to increase the amount of fiber in your diet. Build healthy relationships, increase your energy; go for regular health checkups, and check for some food inspirations. 

After all, it’s about feeling healthy and good about yourself!

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