28 Week Update

With all the excitement of Harrison starting school last week, I completely forgot to do my 27 week update. Not that there was much to write about, but I am gutted I forgot to take a bump photo. Never mind.

This week I am 28 weeks, and hit the third trimester. We are on the final countdown now! Clothes are all washed, only things to do is get the cot mattresses ordered (I will do it this weekend!), finish packing bags and write a birth plan. By this point with both Harrison and Alex I had hospital bags ready and packed. I’m a bit more chilled out this time – I’ve started to put the odd bits in but need to get it finished now.

On Friday (28+1) we had a growth scan. I’m not entirely sure why we are having them this time round – they said it was because Harrison was so small at birth (6lb). I can understand why I had extra scans with Alex, but he was a very decent 8lb 3oz at birth so not sure why I need them again. I’m not complaining though – it’s a chance to see Ben again, and most importantly check he is ok.

The scan showed that he was exactly the size expected at this point, and everything looks good. He is in breech position, but I’ve got another eight weeks or so before that becomes an issue. I have another  growth scan at 34 weeks, as well as all my normal midwife appointments so we can check he gets into the right position. I’m not concerned – Alex was breech until 34 weeks. The only thing that worries me is I remember feeling (and watching!) him turn head down and my god it was painful! I know some of the little tips and tricks to encourage him to turn as well.

The scan was lovely. The woman confirmed he was a boy (not that we needed any confirmation after him giving us a very clear flash of his willie last time!), and towards the end of the scan he decided to turn round and give us an amazing view of his face. It’s lovely and clear on the photo, but on the screen it was as clear as any 3d scan I’ve seen! We never saw Harrison or Alex’s faces at their many scans so this was amazing.

10394570_10154598199700500_8170336608699985961_nAlex slept in his pushchair throughout the scan, but Harrison was completely engrossed, and loved seeing his baby brother.  He proudly tells all the kids in the playground at school that mummy has a baby in her tummy, and that he has to grow nice and big before he comes.

Here is Benjamin bump at 28 weeks


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  1. Read this today because I am now 28 weeks pregnant – I always find interesting to hear how others experience pregnancy – I love positive comments – So often people speak so negatively about being pregnant.

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