Benjamin’s 8 Month Update

I say this every month, but where on earth has the time gone? He suddenly is seeming less like a baby and more like a little boy!



He is still crawling around the floor at lightning speed, and loves ‘walking’ if you hold his hands. We dug out the Vtech push along walker that both Harrison and Alex used, but he isn’t quite ready to use that, although he had a good go! He has started cruising around the furniture but still needs a bit of a hand getting up. He has managed it once or twice by himself though. A new thing that he has started doing this month is bum shuffling – and a bum shuffling Benjamin is the cutest thing EVER!!!


He still has just the two teeth, and no sign of any more at the moment. He was weighed on the weekend and weighs 17lb 4oz. I have just started to unpack all of the 9-12 month clothes as his 6-9 month vests and sleepsuits are starting to look a little snug.

His favourite foods seem to be yoghurt, porridge and baked beans at the moment, but he hasn’t really turned his nose up at anything he has been offered. Fingers crossed he won’t be a fussy eater like Harrison! He now drinks juice independently from a beaker, and has a few sips of cows milk, which he loved.

That’s it really for this month. From next month it will feel like we are on the countdown towards his first birthday – eek!



3 thoughts on “Benjamin’s 8 Month Update

  1. They grow so fast take lots of photo’s,I remember my daughter did’nt scrawl she rolled over & over to get where she wanted.

  2. Time sure flies! Before you know it he’ll be bringing the special someone in his life home to meet you.. how weird is that?!

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