Creating Terms and Conditions for Your Blog

Terms and conditions are something I had never considered until last year, but now I send them out when discussing any potential work that I do on my blog. They’re not as scary or formal as they sound – they’re there simply to protect both me and the client, making expectations from both sides crystal clear.

I thankfully have only had to refer back to them once in just under a year, when a client changed the payment terms after the work was completed. I’m really flexible and happy to negotiate on terms if discussed beforehand. When someone wants to change things halfway through the contract – and that’s exactly what it is, a contract, it’s handy to be able to refer them back to the terms and conditions that you sent at the beginning and say ‘no, this is what you agreed to’. I send the terms and conditions across in the initial emails and make sure that the PR or client explicitly says that they are fine and that they agree with them before I start the work. I’ve been talking to my friend Tori, who runs copywriting and social media agency Stori Social, and she also confirmed the need for clear and specific terms and conditions. It as really useful having a chat and seeing the ones that she sends out to clients, especially the point about not being able to guarantee certain results. We all know how terrifying it can be when it looks like a campaign might bomb!

I’ve been asked by several bloggers to share my terms and conditions, so here they are! If you click on the link you can download them and edit them to suit your needs. If you think of anything that else that could be or should be included, drop me a message and let me know! Please make sure you save a copy before you edit it.

Click here to download a copy of the terms and conditions

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Creating Terms and Conditions For Your Blog

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  1. Thanks so much for this. I really need to up my professional side of the blog. Especially with al this GDPR coming in!

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