Happy 4th Birthday Harrison

Today, at 4.16pm, Harrison will turn four. It sounds like an absolute cliche, but those four years have gone so fast. It only seems like weeks ago since he made his entrance into the world as a scrawny, rather blue, 6lb baby! You can read his birth story here.

Harrison Baby

At the time, it didn’t feel like it, especially when he went through a bit of a colicky stage, but he really was an easy baby. He started sleeping through when he was about six or seven months old – he was always more than happy to sleep in his moses basket or cot, although he did enjoy a sneaky cuddle with daddy in bed.

Harrison has always been an early mover. He sat up unaided at five months, crawled at six months and started cruising round the furniture at seven months. He took his first very wobbly steps on April 24th 2012 when he was ten months old. He waited until we were all (great nanny, nanny and grandad, uncles and us!) gathered at my nan’s house for her birthday, and took a couple of steps. He waited until the day of his first birthday party to start walking properly – standing up, making sure all eyes were on him, and then toddled off down the room. He’s always been a show off!

Harrison toddler

Harrison became a big brother at the grand old age of sixteen months, and again at three years old. He’s always taken the role very seriously, looking after and playing with his baby brothers. There’s never been any jealousy, just pure love. He and Alex bicker a bit now, but they are still best friends most of the time! The one moment that will always remain in my head was not long after we weaned Alex – Harrison, just a little toddler still wearing a bib himself, sat and fed him. It was one of those heart-melting moments I will never forget!

Harrison and Alex

Harrison has always been Mr Independent – as soon as we walked through the doors at playgroups he would be off playing and making new friends. We started taking him to Baby Butterflies at our local Sure Start centre when he was just 12 weeks old. There he (and I!) made some fantastic friends – Anaya and William – who we still see sometimes now. When he was nine months old, I had to go back to work. For a few months Grandad looked after him, and then he started to go to a childminders. There were rarely any tears when I dropped him off!

When Harrison started at nursery last September, he went straight through the doors without so much as a glance back in my direction. He has always loved going to school, and has thrived so much whilst being there. Every day he comes home singing new songs and surprising us with the new things he has learned. He’s off to reception in September, and even though he will be one of the youngest, I’m not worried one little bit.

Harrison school

Like most little boys his age, Harrison is obsessed with vehicles – cars, bikes, trains, diggers & planes. We have a huge box full of these, and they’re definitely the most played with toys. He has an amazing imagination though, and loves playing ‘Policeymen’ or doctors, using just a notebook and pen as props. He, like me, is obsessed with notebooks, and has about fifteen of them lying around the house, full of his scribbles and drawing. Thankfully, the Peppa Pig and Night Garden stage is over, with The Simpsons, Traffic Cops and NCIS (I kid you not!) being his favourite tv programs. He loves watching films – the current favourite being Monster House.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for Harrison. He’s growing up so quickly, and becoming such a kind, clever, funny and drop dead gorgeous little boy, with his unruly mop of blonde hair and his big blue eyes. He has his first school trip coming up (next week!), his first day at full time school. He’ll be learning to ride his bike without stabilisers, start football coaching. He’ll learn to read and write and discover all sorts of amazing things.


Happy birthday Harrison – we love you xxx

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  1. Happy Birthday, Harrison! Lots of lovely photos here. It is amazing how quickly they grow up, isn’t it? I hope he’s had a lovely day x.

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