What to Wear When You’re Just Hanging Out With Friends

When you’re hanging out with friends, there are no rules about what to wear. The reality is, that you should always wear what makes you feel comfortable. 

If that means always being the “overdressed” friend of the group, go for it! It’s a fun act of self-care to put on a cute outfit and go out with friends.

Below we’ve got ten common social situations with friends and inspiration for every occasion. Check out our recommended outfit ideas below! 

1. Brunch

We’re not sure what excites us more about brunch. The opportunity to eat delicious food. Combining lunch and breakfast. Hanging out with friends or the opportunity to dress up in something special!

Brunch is the perfect opportunity to wear a new outfit.

Our brunch outfit idea draws inspiration from 70s muses. Wear an oversized, flowy top with a maxi skirt. You can accessorize this look with western boots, which are very trendy at the moment, and a mini bag.

2. Gym Date

There is no better way to motivate oneself to hit the gym than with friends. You can have an accountability partner or grab a group of friends and head to a yoga class.

There are so many cute two-piece women’s activewear sets that take the headache out of making an outfit. You can experiment with the many different colours that are available, and see what works well with your existing clothing. To complete your outfit, pair your matching workout set with some comfortable shoes. 

Try KicksCrew for their stylish and bouncy cloud-like sneaker collection.

3. Grocery Shopping

Who said you can’t get dressed up to go grocery shopping? 

Sometimes it’s more fun with company and a good outfit. For the grocery store, make comfort and style your priority.

You can have the model-off-duty look by pairing a lounge set made of linen or terrycloth with a luxury leather backpack. A backpack is always a great option for running errands as it keeps your hands free.

There are so many stylish backpacks to complete your errand outfit. Stick to a neutral color like beige or black to have something that goes with any outfit. 

4. Picnic

Hanging out with friends at a picnic calls for romantic English-inspired outfits! Channel your inner cottage core aesthetic with colorful playful dresses. 

Cottage core made a revival in 2021. The style originally emerged in 2017 and is described as a fashion sense drawing inspiration from romanticized farm styles. 

This means cottage core dressing involves lots of floral dresses made of soft buttery linens and cotton piques. You will also find pastel and lace dresses work well for a picnic. 

Accessorize with cute ballet flats to make walking on the grass comfortable. Really transform into character by accessorizing with puffy headbands, headscarves, and crochet bandanas. 

Bring a polaroid camera to capture the fashion and show your kids just how cool you and your friends were.

5. Summer Cruise

Beat the summer heat on a cruise ship. The ocean air calls for drapey dresses and capes. 

If you want to have a #fashionmoment always make sure to wear something flowy on a cruise ship or beach. But also make sure to stick to long maxi dresses and skirts or else you’ll end up with a Marilyn Monroe moment. 

Bright hues of green, pink, and orange are very popular for 2022. You can coordinate with friends or each wear your own favorite color. 

A cape is a great accessory to add drama to a simple summer dress. It also doubles as a light covering to keep you warm as the temperature drops. 

6. Biking 

When preparing an outfit for biking, the bottoms matter the most. Look for a sturdy bottom that won’t interfere with your pedaling.

Build the outfit with a flowy, soft top that can be tucked in. You can pair the outfit with a waist belt for a 90s-inspired look. Or look for a crossbody bag that easily fits in your front basket. 

Top the outfit off with a cardigan wrapped around your shoulders and juztapose the feminine style with a pair of Oakley biking sunglasses. 

7. Dinner Date

The most fun of preparing to go out for dinner is getting dressed! This is the time to do something bold with your wardrobe. Bring out the heels and sparkles- and maybe the babysitter.

Sometimes a great outfit starts with the shoes. Grab your favorite pair of fancy heels and let them dictate the rest of your outfit.

When in doubt, wear all black for a classy dinner outfit. 

Complete the look with some extra sparkly jewelry like a puffed gold snake chain or pave hoops. Try to avoid competing jewelry pieces. 

Finish with some bold makeup like a red lip with dewy skin or the classic smokey cat-eye.

8. Coffee Run

Grabbing coffee with friends calls for casual clothing. Casual isn’t synonymous with boring.

Recreate your own version of the jeans and white t-shirt look. Try something new by wearing a denim maxi skirt instead of pants. Tuck in a white button-down and grab some wayfarer shades to look effortless yet pulled together. 

9. Playdate

Bring the kids to this outing but make sure to dress appropriately! Getting together for a playdate can be fun and an opportunity to dress up. Of course, keep in mind that you’ll be running around and maybe even encounter an unfortunate spill or two.

Natural fibers like cotton and hemp are more breathable for play. Pair a bow-tie cotton blouse with loose hemp cotton blend bottoms for something easy yet elevated. 

10. Photoshoot

Don’t know what to wear when hanging out with friends? Wear everything and turn your day into a photoshoot. With the rise of social media, people are realizing you don’t need to be on America’s Next Top Model to walk the runway.

The world is your runway, so grab a tripod, some friends, and your personal favorite clothes and snap some photos that will last a lifetime. You can create your own set and pick coordinating outfits or just all wear matching outfits for a true Hallmark moment.

Hanging Out With Friends? Try a Different Look for Every Occasion

Use our ten events as inspirational guidance for picking your outfit when hanging out with friends. Remember, the best outfit is the one you feel confident in. Always wear things that speak to your mood!

To learn more about this season’s upcoming trends, check out our piece on Summer Fashion with JD Williams. 

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