Grooming on the Go

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Grooming on the Go

If you travel a lot, whether it’s for business or for pleasure, one of the challenges you regularly face is keeping yourself looking sharp and stylishly groomed. Balancing limited baggage space against your grooming needs is always tricky, and making sure you have everything you need when you need it is often difficult. It’s the rare person who hasn’t unpacked to enjoy their holiday and found that rather than enjoying a cocktail or taking a swim, the first thing they need to do is actually buy a new toothbrush.

Today we’re presenting you some tips for grooming on the move, to make sure that from Hawaii to Alaska, you’re always showing the world your most professional face.


If you travel regularly, it’s best to have dedicated travel supplies for your trips. If you rely on packing your regular grooming equipment and supplies every time, you leave yourself open to forgetting something vital, and either having to go without a shave for the duration of your trip or beginning a collection of hastily purchased, substandard supplies that accumulate at home after your trips.

Instead, make sure you’re prepared for your travels by putting together a travel grooming set that contains everything you need, from a toothbrush and paste to a travel shaving set, via miniature versions of your preferred soaps, gels and creams.

Keeping this neat and separate from your domestic grooming kit means you can check it in advance of your travels to make sure you have enough of all the essentials, and purchase more shower gel or shaving foam if needs be.


When you’re actually travelling, keep your grooming kit near the top of your hand luggage: if you travel with it in your suitcase, and that suitcase then goes missing, you’ll find yourself marooned in a foreign country and not even able to brush your teeth! With your essentials in your hand luggage, whatever disasters you encounter you can present a clean-shaven, fresh countenance to the world, which is always an asset in restoring order.

Keeping it near the top of your carry on bags, of course, means that it will be conveniently accessible so you can present any liquids you are carrying to airport security, and so maintain a professional and efficient veneer rather than having to empty your bags to pass this important step.

With all this in mind, you should be able to keep just as neatly groomed and professionally presented as on your travels as you would at home.

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