Lockdown Learning | Week 5 – Now

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So, I have clearly fallen behind with this! I have NO idea what week we are in now – eight? Nine? I really do not know. I’m sure my kids last went to school on 17th March so that’s two months now.

I’ve struggled a bit to keep up with blog work. I’m trying to put my all into homeschooling the kids (they love it!) and making some good memories about this time, and Elizabeth has just started crawling so I need eyes everywhere. By the time I have done my paid work, its 1 am and I’m too knackered to put a coherent sentence together.

This is a bit of a bumper one to catch up from the last few weeks, and I’m going to try and stay on top of it from now on (Hahahaha!). The kids’ schools have been great at sending work home for them through Class Dojo, Purple Mash, and Google Classroom, and it gives me a break from finding stuff to do. We supplement it with our own ideas if something isn’t going to work or it doesn’t grab the kids, we extend it and we send it to the fuck it bucket if we don’t want to do it. We have gone for walks a-plenty, we’ve done baking and cooking, playing, TikTok making, spa days, and movie afternoons in between.

Fun stuff

  • Walk along the beach and five minutes of treasure hunting on the beach
  • Walk around the local pond
  • Made cheese scones
  • Made shortbread biscuits
  • Had a spa day with face masks
  • Made TikTok videos
  • Made VE Day flags for the window


  • Designed a pirate boat
  • Wrote a pirate cinquain
  • Pirate reading and comprehension
  • Kept a kindness diary and designed a kindness poster
  • Times table practice
  • Writing a pirate letter

Consolidating his understanding of money using the Learning Resources Money Activity Set


  • Read and talked about ocean habitats
  • Made an eggbox ocean scene with a shell crab
  • Researched matinees and made a mindmap on the computer
  • Created a Florence Nightingale presentation
  • Went on a 3D shape hunt around the house


  • Played ice cream number bonds using print outs from Twinkl
  • Created a bar chart around the most popular pets

Played phonics matching games

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