How to Prepare for An Outdoor Kiddies Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday is a time of year. Make it a memorable one to mark the special day. A fantastic way to celebrate this special day in summer is with an outdoor party. We want to mention a few crucial things to take into consideration, as well as suggesting a few fun ideas.

Plan Ahead

Sit down with your child and plan a party theme, what would your child like best? Set a budget for yourself, set a date and time, and write up your guest list, and do not forget to send the birthday invitations! 

Since it is an outdoor party, you need to prepare your venue, mow the lawn, remove the weeds, and do some general gardening. Consider landscaping your garden, and Find pool service near you to sort out your pool. Also, planting a tree that your children can enjoy some shade in during the scorching midday heat is a great idea. Research also shows that properties with trees sell faster on the market, so if you are looking at selling your home in the distant future, planting a tree is not a bad idea.

Outdoor upgrades such as a hot tub or swimming pool, fitted by a reputable provider such as Pinnacle Pools & Spas, are also worth looking at if you live in a warmer area, this can add a lot of value to your home.

Let Them Eat Cake

Of course, the most quintessential part of any birthday celebration is the birthday cake. Cakes are special, seeing the joy it evokes of seeing your child getting to blow out the candles, it is all about making memories. Instead of buying a cake from the bakery, you could always consider baking your own. 

The internet is an invaluable tool to find many fantastic and easy cake recipes for you to try. 

Sweets and other treats can go into party packets for the kids to eat at their leisure and take home with them. 

Safety First

With a handful of little sugar-fueled explorers prancing around in your garden, there can be many incidents. To avoid any unnecessary injuries, here are a few tips on how to go about hosting a safe outdoor kiddies party:

Even surfaces – we highly recommend that you have a freshly mowed lawn, as patchy, overgrown grass could be a hazard to many a stumbling toddler or boisterous youngster.

Ensure they are fenced in – keep unwanted intruders out and the children safe and sound with padlocked fencing.

Lock away dangerous gardening tools – Sharp gardening tools and children do not go together. Prevent any nasty injuries by removing all garden tools, and potentially harmful or sharp objects.

Safeguard your pool – ensure you have a swimming pool net over your pool and make sure that all sources of water are not left unchecked (such as water features and fish ponds), so make sure you have a responsible adult at all times supervising the kids.

Be Creative and Give Them an Experience They Will Never Forget

Set up a jumping castle or two, make obstacle courses, have slippery slides, and water pistol fights. There are many great and entertaining outdoor games that the kids can play. If the budget allows, perhaps consider hiring unique performers /entertainers that specialize in children’s parties for the day.

Do not Forget the Parents

Remember to include and entertain the parents that stay behind for the party as well. Perhaps they can be included with some of the kid’s activities? Have a sports channel available for the avid sports fans, a wine/tea and coffee selection available as well as savoury snacks. 



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