From Frost to Fake Grass…

The Beast from the East aka icy Siberian winds and snow drifts blown across the UK from Russia has got us all in a frenzy. Taking to our drives with the snow shovel in tow, shuttle runs to the sandbox and copious amounts of de-icer – is this really the Spring we were hoping for?

It sure has frozen our hopes of seeing any daffodils anytime soon as we long for the sunshine and clear skies. So as we’re all snowed in we may not have the weather we want, however, we can start planning for when it arrives.

“2018 is the year of the garden.”

We’ve all been there in the DIY centre picking out our dream garden furniture, lusting after hot tubs and sampling the latest recliners. Thoughts instantly turn to how amazing they would look in your garden but what if you don’t need to spend a fortune to create a beautiful area for you and your family to enjoy…

Introducing Fake Grass!

Now the critics will argue that fake grass can be expensive. However, advances in modern technology mean there is a range to suit every home and budget, from artificial grass carpet to luxury dense synthetic piles. You can save money on fitting costs too, with a self-install. This handy guide makes the process easy to follow; anyone with basic DIY skills can give it a go.

Many people think fake grass is for lawn replacements only but you just need to look on Pinterest to see the versatility of use. Decking coverings, patio replacements and even roof decoration, there’s a whole host of creative ways to incorporate fake grass into your garden.

Many family homes opt for fake grass as it provides a safe area for children to play. The cushioned fibres soften those inevitable trips and falls, whilst the grass itself is child-friendly. The most common replacement is for concrete floors due to the need to eliminate chipped surface breaks and the risk of any nasty accidents.

Artificial grass simply looks fantastic!

The transformations achieved with fake grass are amazing. Take a peek at this for inspiration:

Guaranteed to maintain its fresh green look all year round, the UV stabilised fibres mean it won’t get discoloured from the sun. The synthetic build means it can withstand the effects of pet urine too, perfect for our furry friends.

Fake crass it easy to maintain. A simple brush down will clear any debris. For more stubborn dirt and pet odour, hosing with lukewarm water and grass cleaner will do the trick.

In a nutshell, fake grass not only looks amazing but its low maintenance and child and pet-friendly too – It’s definitely on our to-do list this summer!  

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