5 Interesting and Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

With mid-June and Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s not surprising that many people are already looking for a way to surprise the dads in their lives with something special. The problem is, if you’re not a dad, trying to put yourself in the shoes of one to choose a great gift can be difficult. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with the following five unique and interesting gift suggestions for Father’s Day

1. A Real Gold Nugget

Dads like gifts that are both valuable and intriguing and gold nuggets check both of those boxes pretty reliably. Aside from being a gold nugget, which really is the only benefit that needs to be mentioned, this gift idea also gives you the perk of being able to hide it in all sorts of things for an entertaining opening. For example, you could give him a simple pack of baseball cards with a gold nugget hidden inside. You can find nuggets of various sizes and shapes to fit into just about any gift box at NuggetsByGrant.com.

2. A Surprise Musical Instrument

Wait, what!? Why would you buy someone a random instrument that they don’t know how to play and previously had no interest in playing? Simply because it’s unexpected, thoughtful, and will eventually provide some useful entertainment. Who knows, maybe your gift will wind up sparking a lifelong hobby? Dads like tinkering with new concepts, so buying him an instrument out of the blue certainly fits the bill for a quirky and cool gift.

3. A Bottle Cap Map

If you haven’t seen these yet, they’re basically just maps with insert holes for bottle caps situated either in a randomly dispersed grid or over major cities and locations of importance. They can be hung on the wall and used as a convenient utility for collecting bottle caps. In essence, it’s a more organised way to start a bottle cap collection.

4. Kabob Grilling Baskets

Most dads like to barbecue occasionally, and kabobs are some of the most commonly grilled foods. Kabob grilling baskets make it easier to turn and manoeuvre the ingredients without dropping them in the grill. Obviously, if he doesn’t already have these, such a useful grilling accessory will make a great Father’s Day gift.

5. A Stadium Blueprint Picture or Yard Dice

Most guys have a favourite sports team. You can find framed pictures or illustrations of stadium blueprints online and these make a really cool decorative gift for dads. Alternatively, if he doesn’t have a sports team that he’s crazy about on that level, you could consider getting him some giant yard dice to be used as backyard decorations and game pieces.

Ask Him What He Wants

Sometimes, the best gift is the exact one that the recipient had in mind. It may lack the element of surprise, but in exchange you’ll get the assurance of knowing that the gift will be highly appreciated, maybe even more so than anything else you could’ve bought him.

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