How to protect yourself from the adverse effects of noise pollution in your home?

Today, noise is everywhere. The sounds from machines at home, vehicular noises, high music, construction, etc., are all considered noise. In simple words, any unwanted sound that creates discomfort in the environment is called noise. Any sound beyond 100decibles can cause permanent hearing loss and other health issues, such as cardiovascular problems, anxiety, etc. 

We are all exposed to noise pollution in the office, traveling, or home. The exposure is more in places like New York with excessive traffic, concerts, and more. So, we can take a few steps at home to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of noise pollution. Read on to learn more. 

Work on your windows 

The foremost thing that saves you from outside noise is the windows and doors of your home. So, you must install soundproof glass windows at home to prevent the excess sound from entering. You can search for soundproof windows nyc for more information on how they help save you from unwanted noises and promote better health. 

In addition, you should open the windows during quieter hours of the day, such as late evenings. Similarly, you can install doors with soundproof material to prevent vibrations from entering the home and causing any discomfort. 

Invest in wall-to-wall carpeting

Sound travels through vibrations, so cutting the medium is the best. You should invest in wall-to-wall carpeting to help reduce noise from entering your home. The heavy carpeting also helps keep the house warm during winters and does not let the cooling out during summers. So, it is one affordable and effective way to reduce noise and increase energy efficiency. 

Keep sound-friendly furniture and drapes.

The more barriers you place, the better results you will get. You should keep bookshelves, lounge chairs, cabinets, and couches, but they should be sound-friendly and absorb the sound vibrations. It is a good idea to install sound-absorbing drapes, especially in your bedrooms, to avoid noise from disrupting your sleep. 

Keep volumes low and turn off the electronic devices. 

Whether you are watching TV or listening to music, it is suggested to keep the volume low. It would help if you also trained your kids to hear at a decent volume, so they do not harm their ears. In addition, you must turn off all the electronic and noise-making devices that are not in use. It is noteworthy that noise deeply impacts people with cardiovascular issues. Therefore, learn and teach to listen at moderate volume. 

Go green-plant trees 

Lawns and gardens are bliss for everyone. They provide us with fresh air, increase our homes’ curb appeal, and help reduce noise pollution. It would be best if you motivated others in your area to plant more trees and shrubs. The more plants you have, the less noise will enter your location. It will also increase the aesthetic quality of your society. And we can never underestimate the environmental benefits of planting trees. 

Be a good neighbor

It is prevalent for everyone in the locality. Everyone should understand duties and responsibilities as neighbors and do things to reduce noise for themselves and others. Everyone should use low volume while watching television, listening to music, etc. Moreover, they should follow the no honking or least honking rule to reduce noise in the area. 

Final thoughts

It is possible to control noise pollution only when everybody works together on it. You can install the best noise canceling products at home and relieve yourself of the harmful effects.

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