8 Photos of Happiness

I was tagged by the lovely Rachel at Rachel in Real Life to find and write about 8 photos that make me happy. This was much harder than I thought – narrowing down the thousands of photos that I have that make me happy to just 8, but here goes:


This photo was taken back in 2008, well before children. It was my first holiday with friends and we went to Devon. These are the guys I went to uni with, and we had an amazing time. This night we had gone for a curry, and then went back to the lodge that we were staying in. We had a few (ok, a lot!) drinks, and then decided to head to the beach to watch the sunrise.  It was one of those nights that I will never forget, and the memory always makes me smile.


This photo was taken on our holiday to Bluestone back in June. Not only is it taken at the seaside, which is definitely my happy place, but it is the only photo of all five of us together. I can’t believe how alike the boys all look in this as well!


Of course, I had to include the first photos of the boys in this – this is Harrison at just a few minutes old. He was this wrinkly little blue thing – and was gorgeous!


The first photo of Alex, after his very rapid entrance into the world, leaving us all feeling a little shocked!



The first photo of Benjamin, who gave us a little bit of a scare but got here safely in the end!


Another photo from our Bluestone holiday. The seaside has always been a place where I feel happy, and whilst sitting on this beach in Tenby, watching the boys run down to the water I felt happier than I have ever felt before.


This is a strange one to include because Ben looks so poorly. He was extremely poorly (you can read about it here), but this was the point he turned a corner and his body was showing signs of fighting the infection. For the 24 hours leading up to this photo, we thought we may lose him. The relief and happiness when we found out he was going to be ok was like nothing we have ever felt before.



I love this photo of the three boys together – I think it just sums up their personalities in a picture!



31 thoughts on “8 Photos of Happiness

  1. Beautiful photos – thank you for sharing! It WOULD be hard to narrow it down to just 8 but at least we have many things to be happy about. Your newborn photos are awesome, the beach photo is so lovely and you have a wonderful family!

  2. Oh I love it when bloggers share photo albums like this! Your kids are so cute, and there’s not much better than taking kids to the beach 🙂

  3. Aw, so lovely! Your family is adorable and I really love the pic of the little guys running to the sea. It’s amazing how simple moments can make us feel so good!

  4. Omg the boys really do look alike on the pic of all 5 of you! I only have one pic of all 4 of us too, it was when Finley-Doodles was 3.5 months old. He’s now 16 months old. Must take more!!

  5. I don’t know if I could ever narrow it down to just 8. These are beautiful and so personal. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Photos are such a wonderful way to remember happy times. These look like wonderful happy photos of you and your family!

  7. What a beautiful family picture on the second one. Your babies are adorable!

  8. I love your selection of photos. I understand why you have included the poorly photo of Ben, it’s a special point in his life even if it was tainted with illness. Your three boys are beautiful xxx

  9. It would be soooo hard to narrow it down to just 8 photos, but you picked some winners!! Your family is adorable and beautiful 🙂

  10. Awwwwwww thanks so much for sharing your photos and family with us. I love to learn more about those that I follow and especially what makes them happy.

  11. You guys are so cute. I can’t get over how cuddly and cute the baby is. Those pictures will make anyone happy.

  12. I love the last picture, too! I’m so glad Benjamin came out on the other end. His eyes look so jaundiced in the picture. My youngest was very jaundiced when she was first born. They had to take her away from me and put her in the bili lights. I was so worried and angry and all I thought about was getting her back to me. All I could do was cry and cry and cry until they would bring her back to me for nursing.

  13. Beautiful photos and adorable boys! I also love being seaside, it’s one of the most relaxing and peaceful places for me. It soothes me and makes me feel at peace.

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