Milkshakes, Fires, and the Beach | My Sunday Snapshot

I’m totally cheating here today and sharing a few photos – none of them particularly brilliant quality as they were on my phone. Graham had to work yesterday, so I took the boys and Elizabeth out to try and make the most of the sunshine while it lasts. It’s the first time I’ve taken all four of them out on my own, other than to do the school runs, and it was a challenge at times, but we managed!

We popped to the harbour cafe for a milkshake for the boys and a coffee for me while Elizabeth napped in her pram, and watched the bridge lift up which always amazes us. Once we had finished there, we put the pram back in the car and put Elizabeth in her carrier so we could go on the beach. Elizabeth hadn’t been on there yet, so it was a lovely moment, although I’m not sure she was over impressed. She’ll get used to it, I hope! While we were there, we spotted a piece of tree trunk on the beach on fire, so I ended up phoning the fire service who came straight out to extinguish it which was all a bit exciting for the kids!

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8 thoughts on “Milkshakes, Fires, and the Beach | My Sunday Snapshot”

  1. Go you! It sounds like you are doing really well with all 4 kids.
    Fab. It sounds like you had a lovely time out. I bet the kids loved the fire service coming to put the fire out. x

  2. I remember doing the school runs with a baby in tow- it wasn’t easy. Such lovely snaps – Thanks for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.

  3. Lovely pics and sounds very exciting. Well done to you for spotting that trunk on fire.

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