A Week on Instagram #1

I’ve always been a fan of Instagram, but in recent months it has become my favourite social network. I love looking at photos and seeing a snapshot into people’s lives. Anything seems to go on there as well – no one bats an eyelid if you post a photo of your cup of coffee, or your tea!

Every week, I’m going to do a little roundup of some of my photos from that week from Instagram. These are the ones that don’t always appear on my blog, or on Facebook. I don’t really have a ‘style’ or a theme to my photos – it is very much just a little peek into our lives. For me, Instagram is (mostly) instant and real.

If you’re on Instagram, leave your links in the comment box below and I’ll pop over and take a look. You can find me at Parenthoodhighs.


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Harrison and Alex are very typical little boys. Play fighting and jumping on one another is an extremely common event these days. God help us when Benjamin decides to join in as well!

This week we have been testing out the Blokpod. I had never really realised how pretty Lego can be!

The not so nice side of our week – printing out missing cat leaflets to hand out to our neighbours. We let Bobby out last Saturday morning as usual, and he hasn’t come back. Our neighbours have been brilliant, calling us or popping round when they’ve thought they saw him. There’s a cat that looks a lot like Bobby in the area so lots of false alarms. We are really hoping he has just taken himself off for a little break and will be back soon.

The boys love role play, and asked me if I could make them a hospital in the play room. I turned to Twinkl and printed off a few bits and pieces.  They really enjoyed it, and played so nicely together!

After a really grotty start to Saturday, the sun came out and the kids could play in the garden. It was a little bit muddy, but they loved being able to let off a bit of a steam. After never having a nice garden, I love this one!

In true British school holiday style, the weather has been absolutely atrocious again of late. I had, as I quite often do, a mooch through our holiday photos from our week at Bluestone last year. This photo also featured on My Sunday Photo post this week.

On Monday, we decided to head to the nearest woods (an hour’s journey away) for a walk. It was so muddy but the boys absolutely loved it – they needed the fresh air and the chance to burn off some energy!

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