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Once you’ve had a baby, it can feel like life will never be the same again—your body changes in all kinds of ways you never expected. And you often wonder whether you’ll ever be able to wear your favourite little black dress ever again.

For some mums, those first few postpartum months can be a challenge. Before you have a child, you never realise how many times you need to change a nappy in a given day or the number of feeding sessions you have to provide. Inevitably, your body and wardrobe take a back seat. 

After a while, though, things calm down, and you’ll eventually want to get back into the swing of things. Just because you’ve had a baby, doesn’t mean that you’ve fundamentally changed as a person. You still need to feel elegant, even if the pregnancy and birth have momentarily interrupted proceedings. 

Many women experience profound changes in their bodies after having a child. Hormonal changes mean that hair starts growing in places it never was before. Your boobs are inflating and contracting according to the season. And let’s not talk about the nether regions. 

Fortunately, there are numerous styles you can adopt to fight back against these changes and still feel sexy, whether you’re returning to the office or just want to feel good in your skin as you make your way around town. 

Be More Boho

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For those of you who don’t know going “boho” means wearing clothing with an eclectic artistic style. It’s not everyone’s favourite, but it can work very well for postpartum mothers looking for something to address problem areas. 

The whole point of boho is to create a “messy” look that disrupts your figure. It’s a sort of foil to the curve-hugging clothing you would have worn in the past. You still look stylish, but you’re not relying so much on your body to do the talking. 

If boho really isn’t your style, you always invest in shapewear and pair it with your old clothing. Please note though that sometimes your old shapewear won’t fit. If that’s the case, you can sometimes get the same effect by wearing an old tank top. Make sure it’s relatively tight and invisible underneath whatever you plan on wearing. 

Add Sophistication To Your Look

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Now that you’re a mother, you’re a responsible member of society, in charge of the wellbeing of another lifeform. In that context, you should feel free to adopt a more sophisticated and grown-up look that reflects your new station. 

Many women like to wear fashionable spectacles from sites like to give themselves instant gravitas. If you wore contacts before, you might want to switch over to prescription lenses and use them as an opportunity to adjust how people view you in the workplace. 

Other additionals that help add to sophistication are things like extravagant hair ties, heeled shoes, and bracelets. Be bold, and you’ll find that the way that people interact with you changes substantially. 

Choose Black Trousers

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Why do so many postpartum mums choose to wear black trousers in the weeks and months after giving birth? Well, partly, it has to do with saving yourself from potential embarrassment. Remember, giving birth is a traumatic experience for certain parts of your body, so you may be prone to bleeding. Black pants avoid any embarrassing stains and make it easy for you to find somewhere to change in the event of an unexpected leak. 

When choosing black pants, try to avoid regular denim. Instead, select spandex-infused materials that offer a little stretch when you put them on. You want your trousers to expand and contract with your body, depending on what it decides to do next. 

Black trousers are a little dull by themselves, but the cool thing about them is that they pair with just about anything. You can wear the prettiest top imaginable, and it will all still work as an ensemble. 

Use Bra Inserts

Boobs can both expand or contract after giving birth. Thus, what happens for you is very much the luck of the draw. 

If your breasts remain precisely the same size, then lucky you. If you find them shrinking, however, you might wish to wear bra inserts to help them maintain their original shape. 

Boobs usually get bigger after a first baby. However, they can get smaller after a second pregnancy, meaning that none of your bras fit anymore. 

Bra inserts are helpful because they’re cheap and they let you fill out the cup. You may have to experiment with several different sizes and shapes to achieve that “no-shelf” effect you want. Not all inserts will provide that kind of smooth, round bump that you want. It will all depend on how your boobs actually change shape. 

Choose Easy Access Clothing

In everyday life, you don’t need to make various parts of your body available. However, weaning infants will often require feeding, even if you’re away from home. 

The answer to this dilemma is so-called “easy access” clothing. The idea here is to wear items that look great but also allow you to feed your child when they start screaming. 

You have a couple of options. Nursing tank tops is one possibility. These allow you to easily feed your baby without having to worry about your bra as well. The top builds all the support you need into the garment itself, allowing you to whip out your feeding apparatus when your baby needs them, and then tuck everything away once they fall asleep again. 

If you don’t have one of these, then you can always try maxi dresses or spaghetti-strap tops. You can also try a nursing bra if you want to maintain maximum wardrobe continuity. 

Upgrade Your Shoes

If you’ve been a number before, you’ll know that all sorts of weird and wacky things can happen to your body during pregnancy and once you give birth. Some mums, for instance, find that their feet grow in size. Sometimes this happens because of hormones. It can also occur because of liquid pooling in the lower extremities of the body. 

You may, therefore, need to pay a visit to the shoe store and find larger shoes that are more comfortable than your existing pumps according to If you plan on spending most of your time in the house, then a new pair of slippers might be in order. 

Flaunt Your New Best Features

Having a baby can change your body significantly and in unexpected ways. Often you’ll find that your best features actually vary quite considerably once you have a child. In the past, your best asset might have been your mid-section. But afterwards, it is much more likely to be your shoulder or legs. 

Flaunting your new best features can be a lot of fun, but it also entails a change in your wardrobe. You’ll want to focus more on skirts that show off your legs or dresses that hang off the shoulder and leave the arms bare. 

A lot of women report dramatic improvements in the quality of their skin after they give birth. Thus, you might actually find yourself looking for items that provide more visibility of the neck and cleavage. 

Put Your Hair In A Bun

Finally, a lot of women experience thinning hair as they go through pregnancy and birth. Don’t worry – this is a perfectly normal process. The hair isn’t dying and disappearing forever. Instead, it is just shedding. To counteract this effect, put it up in a bun for a more elegant look. 

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