Victoria Pier | #MySundayPhoto

This week we went down to the beach at Colwyn Bay to see the old Victoria Pier, which I think is due to be demolished at some point this year. You can’t get very close to it because it is dangerous and it’s very dilapidated and run down. It’s a shame because you can imagine it a few years ago when it was a busy tourist attraction. I love piers – they seem so British and seaside-y, and to see another one go is really sad.

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5 thoughts on “Victoria Pier | #MySundayPhoto

  1. Oh that is sad, I love old piers like this. When you think how long they’ve stood for it really is sad.

    Stevie x

  2. Oh I love piers too, so British. How sad it will demolished, but I guess if it’s not safe then it needs to be, what a shame. At least you have something to prove it was there.

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