Florida With Kids: Things To Do In The Sunshine State

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Florida. It’s everyone’s dream holiday destination, isn’t it? Glorious beaches, all year round sunshine and oodles of things to do, whether you’re there on a luxury grown-up break or for some family fun. If you’re planning a trip there, Ocean Florida specialise in Orlando holidays departing in both 2020 & 2021, so plenty of time to do your research and plan the perfect family holiday itinerary. Here are just a few places and things to do that you might want to put on the list – that doesn’t involve Disney World!


Kennedy Space Centre

The Kennedy space centre is a must-visit for those of you with budding astronauts or scientists. They have the chance to hop in a space shuttle simulator where they can feel what it’s like to be inside Atlantis, watch a shuttle launch, find out what life is like behind the scenes for an astronaut and really stoke their enthusiasm for all things celestial.


Kids and Lego is always going to be a winning combination. The Legoland park in Florida is jam-packed with fun-filled theme sections such as Harry Potter, star wars merch, Ninjango and all the other things that kids go cray cray about. If the sun is shining – which it is usually is – head to the water park, or let them get their very first driving license at the driving school.


One thing that Florida is known for is its alligator population. While you might not want to come face to face to one of these in your back yard, when observed from a safe distance at this alligator reserve you realise just how incredible these majestic creatures are.

Old Town

Old Town of Florida is a great place to take the kids to give them a real taste of fun in years gone by. Old Town is an amusement park that focuses on having fun the old-fashioned way, from arcade games and carnival rides to old fashioned diners and car shows.

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