Hot Tips To Keep Heatstroke At Bay The Next Time You Travel With Kids

Anyone who’s travelled with kids knows that keeping those youngsters happy is fundamental to ensuring that your trip runs smoothly. Fail to factor for their needs or capabilities at any stage of the planning process, and you’ll soon pay for it in complaints, cancelled activities, and a whole world of vacation stress.

No one needs that but, in fairness, it isn’t always your kid’s fault. For one thing, it’s down to you to pick a family-friendly destination that they’re guaranteed to enjoy. For another, you also need to plan your vacation around the weather which, let’s be frank, could unravel things altogether. 

The fact is that, as adults, we’re used to putting up with sometimes extreme temperatures, and are even willing to do so for amazing vacation experiences. But, when the sun is scorching during the height of the day, your kids are unlikely to have the same make-do attitude. Rather, they’re liable to become grouchy and uncooperative. And that’s before you consider the very real threat of heatstroke as the sun takes its toll.

That’s no way to spend a joyful vacation, but the sun can shine on your trip once again (metaphorically speaking) if you make allowances for this beforehand in the following ways. 

Consider temperature at the planning stage

We all love a little fun in the sun, but by thinking hard about temperature realities at the planning stage, you can avoid the extreme heat that’s guaranteed to dry your journey up altogether. For instance, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that heading to a location like Cyprus in the peak season (July-August) could see you experiencing highs of around 37°. That’s guaranteed to be way too much for kids to cope with and is never a good idea for a trip you can all enjoy. 

Instead, your best bet is to avoid going away in the height of summer altogether, and rather opt for an off-season trip that, even in Cyprus, could lead to at least a 10° drop. Or, if you have your heart set on the traditional ‘summer vacation,’ why not head somewhere like the UK, where temperatures are unlikely to break through from the mid-20s? This way, you never once need to worry about insane heat, even if you’re traveling with young children in tow. 

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Pack the right stuff

Getting your packing right is always fundamental to trip enjoyment. After all, while you can buy most stuff at your location, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you’re after, or that you won’t pay a fortune for the privilege. 

When traveling with kids, especially, packing becomes more important than ever for trip enjoyment. And, with regards to heat, a well-planned suitcase can literally be your savior. For obvious reasons, the first item on this list should be a sun cream that’s at least SPF 50. While this can’t cool your kids down, it does stop the sunburn that can result in painful burns and, in extreme cases, sunstroke. 

From a more sanity-based standpoint, you may also want to pack stuff that can quite literally cool your kids down. Cold packs are any vacationing parents’ best friend, as you can stick them in the freezer and provide some much-needed relief for your youngsters. Equally, a spray bottle or electric fan is guaranteed to make all the difference on the hottest days of your time away. 

Admittedly, even these precautions will do little to protect against peak season temperatures but, when paired with a well-chosen climate, they could stop you from once having to listen to complaints about the temperature. 

Choose accommodation with all the mod cons

As much as you want a decent supply of cooling go-to’s in your luggage, it’s also fundamental that you find accommodation with all the cooling mod cons that you could hope for. Air conditioning is, of course, the main priority and you can guarantee that none of you will get much sleep without it. As such, an AC that you can control in your room should be a non-negotiable condition wherever you’re looking to stay. The good news is that most travel accommodations now offer these as standard, but that’s not a given so you should always double-check in advance. 

For your kid’s sakes, you may also want to take this mod con hunt further by seeking accommodation choices like The Loft Condo in Singapore, which also offers a swimming pool that you could all cool off in, and covered parking to keep any hired vehicles at a reasonable temperature. You’d be amazed by how much of a difference these seemingly small additions can make, keeping your kids happy despite the heat, and keeping your vacation as relaxing as a whole-family trip can be. 

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Take afternoons to chill out

As the sun reaches its peak just after midday, heat is always at its most unbearable and, if your kids are going to suffer, it’s likely to be now. This is why the Spanish famously take a siesta in the early afternoon, and it’s why you could benefit from keeping vacation afternoons pretty leisurely. 

Obviously, this won’t be possible your entire trip long, but where you can you should always aim to chill out a little during the early afternoon. This is the ideal time to head back to your well-ventilated apartment for a much-needed nap or even to just spend a little time on the shaded side of the pool. An hour or two spent like this, and the heat should’ve lessened enough that you’re all ready to get back out and do some more exploring. 

A final word

Travelling with kids can be amazing in every way, but there are considerations to take on board, and heat is definitely one of them. The fact is that your kids won’t put up with the same heat levels that you do and nor should they have to. Instead, always think about these ways and more to keep the worst of the heat at bay and make everyone happier all trip long.

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