Five Things Friday

I started this a few months ago – well, I say started, I wrote one post, and then it kind of fell by the wayside. I think it’s nice sometimes to look back on the week at some of the positive things that have happened and start the weekend off on a good foot. I am going to try (when I can!!) to write on a Friday about five things that I have loved from that week.

Five Things That I Have Loved This Week…

1. Getting out the house and going to the park. I’ve written about it in more detail in this post, but this was the first time I’d left the house properly in two weeks.

2. My super handsome biggest boy dressed up in his Gant sweatshirt for his first ‘Autumn ball’ at school. It was to raise money for the PTA.

3. Yankee candles! It’s been ages since I’ve had any big Yankee candles in the house, as I’ve been loving my Aldi ones left from my sister in laws wedding back in May, but Winter and Christmas call for some lush heavy scents. I’ll be featuring them in my Christmas gift guide next week.

4. This blog post by Mojo Blogs. It’s a conversation my group of friends and I have had many, many times and I’m so glad Zara put it into words. It is probably my biggest bugbear of the blogging world.

5. A Million Dreams by Pink. This is one of – maybe even my favourite – songs ever. We all love The Greatest Showman and the kids love this. They all sing it all the time, so when I found out one of my favourite singers had covered it – well!!!

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  1. Nearly a year ago ! I finally got round to watchong the greatest showman

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