Drop And Give Me Zen – Rise Of The Power Yoga Craze

Power yoga is the ultimate workout for your body and mind, combining dynamic, strengthening movement with mindful breath awareness.

Power yoga is the best of both worlds, offering the physical benefits of a challenging, high-intensity workout, along with the spiritual benefits of a yoga practice. Therefore, it’s no wonder this energizing style of yoga is popping up on the schedules of yoga studios and fitness centers throughout the country.

Photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

What to expect from a power yoga class

Power yoga is often described as “fitness yoga” because of its focus on core work and building strength. However, it’s really just an amped-up, fast-paced vinyasa/ashtanga flow with an extra serving of core work.

Because it’s quite a strong and intense practice, it’s not recommended for complete beginners. I would advise practitioners to attend a few vinyasa flow or ashtanga classes beforehand to “ease themself in”. 

In a power yoga class, you will move more quickly between the poses than other styles, and you’ll notice more of a focus on building strength, rather than flexibility. However, it won’t feel like a gym workout. 

Like all yoga styles, there’s a strong emphasis on staying connected to the breath and linking each movement with each breath. This connection to the breath prevents fatigue and slows the activity of the mind. As you flow through the postures you’ll find yourself entering into a meditative state, leaving you feeling good physically and mentally. 

What to wear to power yoga

In a power yoga class, you’ll most likely build up quite a sweat, a lot more than in a gentle Hatha class. Your choice of outfit is much more important in a high-intensity workout class like this. Here are some top tips on what to wear to get the most out of your power yoga practice. 

  • You may want to opt for a medium or high impact sports bra with more padding to offer you extra support as you move through the fast-paced flows.
  • Choosing breathable activewear clothing will help to keep you cool, feel more comfortable, and reduce sweat. I have found the workout clothes from Fabletics are great for regulating my body temperature during hot and sweaty classes, thanks to their cleverly placed ventilation and light-as-air fabric.
  • Most athleisure brands like Fabletics manufacture their activewear with a moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric so that you don’t feel damp, cold, and uncomfortable while you’re trying to relax in your well-deserved savasana. 
  • For my yoga practice, I prefer to wear loose-fitting workout tops made from thin fabric and lots of ventilation, as this allows me to move with ease. I see many yogis wearing standard casual tank tops which are fine, but they don’t offer the breathability of specially designed workout tops and are usually not as comfy too.

Many women will agree that power yoga offers a complete fitness and wellness experience, bringing the body, mind, and spirit into perfect harmony. Follow the tips in this article and give it go!

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