How to Choose the Best Online Math for Kids Website

Several studies have shown that math is the least favorite subject for most kids. As such, getting your child to love and learn math can be a long, frustrating journey for even the most patient parent. Thankfully, with the rise of the digital age, tons of educational websites have equally popped up. These websites are geared toward teaching math for kids online and helping students of all ages develop a healthy relationship with the subject.

But don’t rejoice just yet. The rise of so many different math websites means that parents now have to be more careful when making a decision. You want to choose a website that not only simplifies learning math for kids but also caters to your child’s specific learning needs. So, how do you make this choice? How do you choose the best online math for kids website? Most importantly, what is the best online learning platform for your child?

Although Brighterly easily tops the charts for us, it’s important to bear some crucial factors in mind when making this decision. These factors include:

Their teaching method

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a learning website for your kid is their teaching methods and strategies. How do they intend to help students learn mathematics for kids? Do they adapt to meet each child’s specific learning needs, or do they simply adopt a one-size-fits-all approach? If the latter is the case, that’s certainly a red flag. 

Here’s why: learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Children (and even adults) learn at different paces and levels. As such, you want a platform that closely considers your child’s learning needs and adjusts their curriculum to match/meet said needs. This way, you can be sure that your child is getting the best learning experience possible.

In the same vein, when making a decision, consider the strategies they use in encouraging students’ participation. Today, more schools and websites are beginning to embrace game-based learning to help make math classes for kids more exciting. So far, studies have shown that this method can be really beneficial for learning.

As such, if any website is still sticking rigidly to the traditional way of learning math, you might want to pass it over for a modernized, versatile one.

Quality of teachers

Believe it or not, the quality of a website’s teachers are just as important as the website itself. Since these teachers will be educating your kids, it’s vital that you ensure that they’re the cream of the crop. The ideal math learning website should have experienced, qualified teachers who not only know their onions but are also very passionate about the job itself.

What kind of teachers do they hire? What qualifications do these teachers have? Are they licensed to teach? It’s important that you know the answers to these questions before choosing any learning platform. In some cases, some websites may put out information about their teachers’ qualifications and achievements.

If you can’t find this information, you could research their hiring process to find out what requirements they have for candidates. Although this may seem like a long shot, it’s definitely worth the extra effort in the end. 

Consider their testimonials and reviews.

When it comes to choosing a math learning website, it goes without saying that you should consider their reputation. Reviews are the best way to find out if a learning platform is worth your money or not. What do other parents have to say about them? Most learning websites tend to make glittering promises, and while they might be tempting, it’s best not to make a decision until you’ve heard from other parents who have used their services.

Don’t rely solely on the testimonials posted on their web page, as these may be doctored in some cases. Instead, check out their reviews on third-party websites like Google or even their Facebook pages. You could also check out your neighborhood reviews or ask other parents for recommendations if it’s a local service. This way, you can be sure that you’re hiring an efficient and authentic service instead of falling for false, empty promises.


Pricing is often an uncomfortable topic for most parents. No one ever wants to talk about money for valid reasons. However, pricing is very much an important factor to consider when choosing a learning website for your child.

Most of these websites offer different pricing plans for clients to choose from. While the prices may vary, it’s important to choose a website with affordable prices that fit right into your budget. If it’s too expensive, there’s no need to break the bank or run into debt; you’ll always find a cheaper website.

However, regardless of their pricing plans and subscriptions, ensure that they offer great value for money. This way, you can rest assured that every dime you spend is worth it.

Their terms and conditions

No one likes reading terms and conditions. On most days, we simply skip to the end and click “Accept” without bothering to find out the implications of the decision we’ve just made. However, when choosing a website for your child, it’s essential that you read the fine print first.

You want a website that offers flexible schedules to accommodate any sudden change in plans or family emergencies. You also want one with an excellent refund policy that lets you claim back money for any unused classroom sessions.

If a math learning website doesn’t offer any of these options, you may need to find a better one.

Final Thoughts

Want your child to learn mathematics for kids? Online math learning websites might just be your best bet. However, your child’s education is very important, and you don’t want to leave it in the hands of just about any tutor or website.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve outlined some of the most important factors to bear in mind during the decision-making process. If they don’t tick any of these boxes, you’re better off finding another learning website that can serve your child better.

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