Changes that a woman’s body undergoes post-pregnancy

When a female finds out she will be welcoming a new life into this world; the happy feeling is inexplicable. She knows things will change from then onwards, be it the routine, body, or lifestyle changes. There are specific changes that a woman is ready for, such as weight gain during pregnancy, bigger breasts, mood swings, morning sickness, etc. But all the pain and discomfort go away when she holds her baby for the first time. 

She knows she is ready to take everything in store for the little bundle of joy. While you learn to live with the changes in your body and lifestyle, you should also prepare for the post-pregnancy changes that your body undergoes. This article mentions some surprising shifts that occur during the post-partum period. 

pregnant belly

Breast Size 

During pregnancy, your body experiences various hormonal changes that lead to an increase in breast size. The production of milk also plays a vital role in changing the size of your bust. You may notice an increased size even while you are nursing the child. However, after you stop nursing, you will see a bust size decrease after you stop nursing and find them sagging after you stop nursing. 

Some women like to keep their breasts, while others go under the knife to get a tightened bust. However, you should not consider any cosmetic surgery on your body if you plan further pregnancies, as shared in an interview on breast lift by Dr. Alizadeh. She further mentioned that the complete journey from conceiving to the nursing period has many factors that cause sagging breasts.

Body Temperature

The change in body temperature is a common characteristic during the post-partum period. Many women are not aware of it and panic when they have severe sweating at night. 

The body tries to get back to normal functioning; therefore, it flushes out the excess fluids you collect during pregnancy. Moreover, the body tries to adjust to the fact that it does not have to heat another human. Therefore, it burns the extra fuel to calm down. 

The Shoe Size 

Pregnant women often have swollen feet because of the excess weight. As per experts, a woman may gain around 25-35 pounds weight during pregnancy. The whole weight arches down on the feet. Moreover, the relaxin hormone keeps the muscles and ligaments loose in the pelvic region and the feet. 

As a result, your feet tend to flatten and lengthen. After giving birth, you may find that the pre-pregnancy shoes are no more fitting even after the swelling has gone away. Guess it’s time for some footwear shopping? 

Sex Drive 

The post-partum period is tough on women physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many females tend to lose their sex drive after giving birth. According to gynecologists, the tiredness from giving birth, caring for the newborn, and overcoming all the triggering thoughts all at once leads to a loss of interest in having sex. It can take over a year to have a standard sex drive. 

Final words 

After you give birth, there are significant changes in your body that you should know in advance. There are many discussions about the body and lifestyle changes during pregnancy. Still, very few people talk about post-partum changes in a woman’s body and how it affects her mentally and emotionally. 

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