Why You Need an Occupational Therapist for Your Elderly Parent’

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Are your parents aging? Is it becoming a wholesome task for you, as their primary caregiver? If so, your solution may be an occupational therapist. This is someone who helps with barriers that may affect your parents’ emotional, social and physical needs. An occupational therapist will make your parent’s life easier by using everyday services, exercises, and other therapies apart from physical and speech therapy. 

You, therefore, need to hire an occupational therapist to make life easier for you as a caregiver. In addition, there are several benefits of hiring one. So keep reading to find out why you need an occupational therapist for your elderly parents.

They Prevent Falls

Falls may be a minor issue, but they can be dangerous for older people. For example, you could be scared to have your parents fall when you work. This is why you need to enroll your parents in occupational therapy. 

These people are always aware of the occurrence of falls among older parents. Therefore, they will teach your parents ways to prevent falls, teach them exercises that enhance balancing and building of muscles. However, you should always talk to a nursing home abuse attorney if the occupational therapist abuses your parent in any way.

Help Boost Social Life

With an occupational therapist, your parents can conquer their fear of falling, lack of endurance, and other physical challenges that affect people their age. Usually, such challenges prevent them from participating in social activities. However, an occupational therapist will make it easier for your parents to adapt by creating fun activities that help them live active, social, and happy lives. 

An Occupational Therapist Helps Boost Memory

An occupational therapist will first evaluate your parent’s cognitive and physical abilities. For instance, for a case of dementia, they will assess your parent’s areas of strength and weakness. After that, they will develop a care plan that will help maintain the former and strengthen the latter. This way, they help your parent to regain their memory skills. The care plan will include memory-enhancing activities like puzzles, matching games, and more.

Help With Loss of Vision

Your parents may have vision loss, making it difficult to carry out everyday tasks. In turn, they may be at a higher risk of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. Luckily, occupational therapists can help with the cases by improving perceptual vision, pattern detection, and overall visual awareness. Also, they will suggest the best home modification guidelines for visually impared patients to make your parent’s life easier. 

Provide Emotional and Physical Assistance to Caregivers

As the primary caregiver for your elder parent, you may be finding it hard to cope with the mental, physical, financial, and emotional baggage that comes with this transition. However, having an occupational therapist will also ensure that your life gets more manageable for you with this change and you remain as healthy as possible. 

They will ensure that you are not sacrificing your own life even while maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your parents. In addition, an occupational therapist will encourage you to speak out about your frustrations, anger, and concerns, teach you healthy coping skills, and more.

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