Helping in the Kitchen

In our old house, I barely cooked. I hated our horrible little kitchen, and would spend as little time as possible in there. Luckily, Graham loves cooking and did it all, but even he seemed to lose his passion for it whilst we were there. It wasn’t big enough for the kids to help out either, and I think helping to cook is such an important thing to do.

Luckily, our new house has a lovely kitchen, one that we all want to be in. It’s not big by any stretch of the imagination, but big enough for the kids to pull up their step and help. The other morning I decided to make some leek and potato soup for lunches, and Alex asked if he could help. I gave him a potato and a knife, and he got to work hacking it to bits!

Helping in the Kitchen |

I remember standing in the kitchen with my mum when I was little and ‘cutting up’ the potato peelings with a knife. I used to think I was doing a really important job!! It was lovely just being in the kitchen with Alex, talking about what we were doing and seeing his face when his little bits of potatoes went into the saucepan. I’m trying to make the most of these little moments with Alex, because in September he will be starting nursery!!

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5 thoughts on “Helping in the Kitchen”

  1. Oh gosh that’s a big step, nursery… They really start growing up so fast at once they start nursery. You should totally make the most of those moments! 🙂

  2. Crikey, he looks so much older that nursery age in that photo.

    N loves peeling veg and chopping them up. Although it takes so much time.

  3. Awww look at him – what a big boy! I can’t wait for this stage too – and I HOPE it encourages me to cook more 🙂 x x #living arrows

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