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*AD – We were sent these Spin Master Games for free for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own and have not been influenced in any way. Contains affiliate links

With the dark nights here, terrible weather, and an uncertain Christmas ahead of us, it couldn’t be better timing to receive these three family games from Spin Master: Grouch Couch, Hedbandz and Beat The Parents.

We are not a big ‘board’ game family – these aren’t technically board games but for me, they fall under the same category. However, we were thinking ahead to Christmas. If we can’t see family, it will be a great way to spend an afternoon and if we can, well, they can join in! We had a lot of fun with all of them – the kids’ favourite was Grouch Couch and I lo1*ved the Hedbandz game.

Grouch Couch

Grouch Couch is described as the ‘furniture with attitude’ game, and my gosh, does it have an attitude. I suggest playing this on the floor with plenty of space around you because he really does ‘spit’ the tokens out with quite some force! As well as the couch itself, it has 25 lost goodies tokens, 16 treats, and one die, as well as instructions. You do need 3 x AAA batteries to operate it as well.

Essentially, you load up the couch with the tokens. Each player takes it inT turn to roll the die and place the corresponding number of treats onto the couch. Sometimes, Grouch Couch eats the treats and rewards you by spitting out tokens. The person at the end with the most tokens wins.

The kids loved this one!

Grouch Couch is available from Amazon with an RRP of £19.99.


I loved the simplicity of this game, and I think it was my favourite of the three. Everyone pops on the headbands and everyone has a card attached to their band. The thing is, you have no idea what is on the picture on your band, and you have to guess it by asking the other player questions. There are little tokens to attach to the headband when you guess one right.

For me, this is a great one because you can pull it out and play for a few minutes, and play with it in different ways, depending on how easy or hard you make it. It took the kids a few times of playing to work out the sort of questions they needed to ask, but once they got the hang of it, they loved it!

Hedbandz is available from Amazon with an RRP of £9.99.

Beat The Parents

I love a good quiz, so this one was right up my street. The boys liked it, although it was their least favourite of the three.

The concept is simple: beat your parents. It comes with a board, question cards and challenge cards and two game pieces. Each question card has three wuestions for the children and three for the adults. The parents read the kids questions out first, and if they answet them correctly, they move ahead one space. They keep asking the questions until they answer one incorrectly or have answered all three questions on the card. If a team lands on a challenge space, they have to pick a challenge card and do whatever it says on there. It was a great game for us to play, and really brought out our competitve streak – there was no holding back for us!

Beat The parents is available from Amazon with an RRP of £13.99.

All in all, we really enjoyed playing these games as a family. They are perfect for a family fun night at anty time of the year.

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