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Although we try to cook from scratch as often as possible, frozen pizzas are a staple in our house – we’ve always got a couple in the freezer for quick and easy dinner’s, or when we fancy something different from a sandwich for lunch. Chicago Town is one of our favourite brands – unlike a lot of frozen pizza’s, they have some taste and bite to them!

They’ve just released a brand new range called The Pizza Kitchen – deli style toppings on a unique, freshly-baked crisp crust. They’re available in four different toppings: cheese medley, garden vegetables, deli pepperoni and roasted chicken.

We did have a battle trying to get hold of these pizzas in our local area – North Wales supermarkets seem to be a bit slow rolling out this new line, but eventually, we got our hands on them from one of the main Tesco stores. We were only able to try the cheese, pepperoni and chicken varieties, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the veggie one!

We decided to have them for an easy weekend lunch. Graham whacked them in the oven for about 15 minutes before we got stuck in.

I was really impressed by the toppings – they’re certainly not stingy. There was so much cheese!  The chicken one was piled with decent sized chunks of chicken, peppers and onions and the pepperoni one had loads of meat on, unlike a lot of other brands.

The crust – well, the crust deserves a whole paragraph to itself. It’s crispy, it’s crunchy and it’s delicious. I love the crusts of a pizza anyway, and usually hoover up the kids discarded pizza crusts, but sadly, this time, there were no leftovers. They obviously enjoyed them as much as us! Even our fussy eater Alex ate three slices of pizza – that’s almost unheard of.

These will become a regular in our weekly shop (as long as our local Asda start stocking them!) because they tasted  lot better than most takeaway pizzas – and at £3 a pop, they’re a lot cheaper as well!

*We were sent vouchers to purchase these pizzas and we were also compensated for our time. All words and opinions are our own.

One thought on “Chicago Town’s Pizza Kitchen | Review”

  1. One of my favourites

    Pizza night is Thursday here
    I don’t have to cook so it’s always great

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