Buy T-Shirts that are Perfect for your Body Shape

More often than not, people do not give a second thought while purchasing simpler things that are a part of their lives. The perfect fitting t-shirt or a fine pair of jeans are picked off the rack in the minimum time or simply ordered online. Contrary to what most people believe, things like daily wear t-shirts also have a lot in them to make for a good selection. In fact, they are a descriptively tricky type of apparel that can either make or break your appearance. As per style experts, even t-shirts require size checks and trials to provide you with a good fit, therefore their purchase should not be taken lightly at all. Here’s a quick guide on how to buy good fit t-shirts that you can wear to casual and semi-formal places alike. 

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Why are T-shirts Necessary?

T-shirts serve to be an essential item in the wardrobes of the young and old belonging to both genders. Providing the perfect mix of ease, style, and comfort, t-shirts can never go out of fashion and are among the most-purchased pieces of apparel worldwide. According to style experts and companies specializing in casual wear, such as Jasper Holland, a mens t-shirt brand, plain or block colored t-shirts are the most popular of them all. This is because along with providing a favorite and cool look, they offer a blank canvas for witty quotes, patterns, graphics, pictures, or just about anything else. Because there’s no end to the places and occasions where you can flaunt these t-shirts, it makes good sense to purchase them only after due consideration and preparations. However, the task of selecting a well-fitting t-shirt is not as simple or as quick as it seems to the eye. 

Buying Men’s T-shirts – An Overview

At the very onset, it is important to remember that size and fit matters whenever you are setting out to buy a new t-shirt, whether that is straight from the store or a custom t-shirt from Mato & Hash. In case you are unaware of the body shape you boast of, or the size that would do you justice, then its best to ask the same of experts. Having prior knowledge of your body’s measurements and shape is of prime importance for all areas of clothing, especially t-shirts. It’s common for stores and retailers to segregate t-shirts on the basis of standard sizes – extra-large, large, medium and small. However, that’s not enough for buying custom-fitted tees. 

In order to ascertain your perfect size and fit, ask someone to hold the t-shirt on your back. The seam resting between your arm and shoulder should be placed right on the joint. In case the sample t-shirt resting on your back is smaller than your size, then the seam would rest a bit higher up on your shoulder. The fabric of the t-shirt will get pulled into your armpit once you wear the t-shirt. Apart from providing discomfort and a feeling of tightness, you will feel stuffy and warm and would want to take off the t-shirt at the earliest. The sweat under your armpits will become noticeable and the sleeves will be riding way up on your arms. In case you desire comfort more than anything else then it would be better to opt for a bigger size right away. 

Next, you need to have an understanding of your body shape to know whether you are investing in the right t-shirts or not. Your overall look and appearance may actually be hindered if you wear something that is not suited to the basic structure of your body. For instance, if you are looking for the perfect t shirts for tall skinny guys, then the following guidelines will help you.

Muscle Fit

Let’s face facts, if you’ve been investing long sweaty hours in pumping iron at the gym, then you would obvious want to show off your abs through the new purchase. To ensure a good fit, figure out the exact shape that your body has taken up and zero in on the t-shirts that hug your body parts convincingly. Ensure that your muscles are well-emphasized to get the look you want. Defining your body shape and buying the right t-shirt is different from getting a smaller sized tee that squeezes you inwards. In the latter case, your sleeves will end up high on your biceps and will fail to define them just the way you want. More so, your stomach area will also feel tight and queasy. Given this, you may want to buy slightly elasticated cotton t-shirts that will enhance your muscles better and give the look you wish to attain. 

What About the Baggy Look?

 Men with a stockier or bigger build may want to reach out for baggy t-shirts to fit them properly. However. That’s not what stylists and fashion experts suggest. It’s a complete misnomer that people with a big build can succeed in covering themselves well by wearing loose-fitting baggy clothes. While ill-fitting and baggy clothes may be comfortable to wear, they put emphasis on their bulk and make them look broader and bigger. Ironically, baggy t-shirts sit well on lankier and thinner people and never fail to give them a smart, casual appearance. 

Buy a Good T-shirt and Look Better

T-shirts look stylish and youthful and can be worn at home, to college, or just about anywhere else.  In case you want to buy t-shirts with a baggy look then get yourself skinny fitting tracksuit lowers to enhance the look further. With these clothing on, you can give off an athletic, more relaxed, and contemporary look to suit your size and body type. Both fashionable and comfortable to the core, your investments in tees will surely rock if you manage to wear them with the right lowers.  You may consider adding self-colored t-shirts that you don’t have in your collection right away. Alternatively, go for patterned tees in the same or contrasting colors to make a statement wherever you go. Choose light and easy-breathing fabrics if you intend to wear your t-shirts outdoors on warmer days. So, are you ready to use these tips and guidelines to make a difference to your appearance, today?

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