Gift Guide For Men {The Outdoor Edit}

Ok, so you’ve sorted out the kids. The parents. The in-laws. Now you’re turning your thoughts to the bloke in your life and what to get him for Christmas. He’s not a gamer. He’s not into fashion. He’s not really into technology. He’s more of an outdoors type, right? A hard to buy for kind of guy?

Well, fear no more because here are a few ideas to get you started with that hard to buy for guy.


If he’s a golfer, purchase some new golf clothing for him this Christmas. Contrary to popular belief, it can be possible to look good while playing a round or two!

If that’s not his jam, what about a personalised golf club. There won’t be any worries about someone else picking up his clubs if he has his name on them! Sweaty hands can also be an issue (apparently – I’ve never even touched a club so I have no idea), so a good pair of moisture blocking leather gloves might be a good buy. All good golf stores will stock some. Additionally, if he enjoys practicing his putting at home, he might consider pairing his golf club with a putting mat to create an indoor putting green. This can be a great way to improve his skills and enjoy the game even on rainy or snowy days.

If you want to splash the cash a bit further, you can buy a laser range finder for around £200. Or, if you want to go farther, get him a decent median price level golf simulator like Skytrak so he can still practice his swings despite the bad weather. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but apparently, it’s a must-have for all wannabe profesh golfers!


Ok, so my idea of a hike is going to the local off license for a bottle of gin but if your bloke is into serious hiking, a pair of good socks might be worth a look. We all know how painful it is when those shoes pinch and rub a bit – now imagine that while your halfway up the sound of a mountain – OUCH! You’ll want ones that wick away moisture, keep feet cool in the heat but warm when the temperature drops and some cushioning underfoot.

The last thing anyone wants is for their mobile phone to run out of juice but if you’re wandering about on a mountain or in the wilderness, well, yeah, you want a fully charged phone. As a power supply is kind of hard to come across in the great outdoors, a mini power bank is probably a useful addition to their hiking kit.


Again, running isn’t exactly something I’m clued up on (I did try it once though – I lasted two weeks!) but I’m assured that one thing every runner ones is a decent GPS watch. You can have ones that have just the most basic features, and ones that are all singing and all dancing, and can measure things like bounce and ground contact time.

A good pair of earphones or headphones is also a good bet. When I had my little foray into running, I found that listening to a really upbeat tune helped me to keep my pace and more importantly, keep motivated. What bugged me, however, is having to detangle them before I went out, and then put them back in my ears every time they fell out. Bone conduction ones completely eliminate both of those issues!

What will be buying your outdoorsy bloke for Christmas?


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