Bras, Midwives and Murderers #LittleLoves

How many people have clicked on this because they think I’m going to be announcing something? Haha, sorry to disappoint! I haven’t been visiting any midwives (hell no!!), just watching them.

It’s been a fab week, apart from Thursday when we had two poorly little boys. Alex has been sick a few times, and Benjamin has had a couple of very dodgy nappies. Nice.

Anyway, onto this week’s Little Loves…


Saying I haven’t read any books is beginning to become a bit of a habit, but I just don’t seem to have time anymore! I have been doing some interesting reading about autism and speech and language therapy though, to help me with some of the children I work with at school. I feel like I’m learning new stuff every day and I love it!


I haven’t watched any films this week again, but we have started ‘Making a Murderer’ on Netflix. At the moment I’m struggling with it – it didn’t particularly grab either of us and we turned it off after about half an hour, not understanding the hype around it. I’ve been assured it is a slow burner though, so gave it another go, and it’s getting better. Hopefully, it will get much more interesting soon! I’ve also been catching up on the latest series of ‘Call the Midwife’, which is probably my favourite show. I love all of the characters in it, and I don’t think there has ever been an episode where I haven’t ended up with tears in my eyes and a big lump in my throat. It definitely makes me appreciate how brilliant midwives are and how much easier things are now.


I’ve only really listened to the radio (switching between Heart FM and Capital) on the way to and from work. Harrison and I were blaring out Justin Beiber the other day and getting some funny looks in the traffic queue!


I was sent this beautiful bra from Lingerie by Victoria to review. It’s really pretty, which is great because when you have big boobs it can be difficult to get bras that are nice – they seem to be really frumpy past a certain size. I’ll be writing about this in detail in a few weeks.

Bras, Midwives and Murderers #LittleLoves


Countless cups of coffee! We can have hot drinks at work as long as they are in a non-spill cup, so I’ve been using my Thermos travel mug. It’s great because I’m able to drink coffee whilst it is hot still – even if I made it two hours before.

And lastly…

My new appliances from AO arrived. Just after the new year we found out that we had won a washing machine, tumble dryer and vacuum cleaner for our entry into the AO Messy Bloggers competition (you can read our winning post here!) and they came this week. Just in time as our washing machine was packing up! We already had a drier but we gave that away and have a bigger and better one now, and the vacuum is amazing – we can pause it!!!

Bras, Midwives and Murderers #LittleLoves |

How was your week?


3 thoughts on “Bras, Midwives and Murderers #LittleLoves

  1. I can’t imagine getting a new washing machine, tumble dryer and vacuum in the same day! Amazing! What a fantastic prize! x

  2. Everyone has been talking about Making a Murderer but it is so not my thing. It’s been on in the background here but I’m just not really interested in watching it. I would love to win that prize; we haven’t got a tumble drier and I would love one. Seeing as I voted for you so many times you should probably give it to me 😉 xx

  3. Wow what a brilliant prize! Made me laugh when I saw they were from AO as my little one had just finished sing along to their theme tune on their advert. That bra looks lovely, I struggle to get nice ones too in my size, especially ones that don’t cost a small fortune too. Have a great week x

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