Bluestone Day Three

Yesterday I wrote about our day at Tenby as part of our stay at Bluestone.

We were up nice and early again, having an al fresco breakfast on the patio outside our lovely lodge. On our way to Tenby the previous day we had seen signposts for Penbroke Docks. Because the boys (and me!) love ships and boats, we decided to pay a visit and have a look. However, we were a bit disappointed when we got there because there didn’t seem to be a lot to look at. We made the decision to head back over to Tenby as we had such a lovely day there the day before. We went down to the beach, and the boys spent a happy hour or so making sandcastles and having a paddle. We’d picked up some remote control diggers on our way, so they took those onto the beach and had great fun!


Unfortunately, just before lunchtime, the sky clouded over and it was just a tad too chilly to sit on the beach. We walked up towards the town and had an ice cream, just as it started to spit. We decided to head back to Bluestone for the afternoon.

We were just a five minute walk from the car park, but it seemed so long on that day.The kids were a bit whiny, and I think the early mornings and all the walking and playing from the day before had caught up with us all. My throat began to feel really swollen, and I was a little worried because I had only finished a course of antibiotics for tonsillitis on Monday. The last thing I wanted was it to come back! We showered the kids, and then Graham took them down to the Treehouse playground in the village. He left me back in the lodge to have a twenty minute nap to get rid of the achy feelings. Luckily, when I woke up I felt absolutely fine –  I was obviously just knackered! I joined them down at the park, where the sun had come back out. We decided that we were going to have a meal at The Knights Tafarn in the village.  The prices weren’t bad at all – I had bubble and squeak with eggs and ham, Graham had hunters chicken, Harrison had pasta and Alex had fish and chips. The meal came to less than £25, and we each had a drink.

Alex polishing off everyone else’s meals!

After dinner we went and sat outside. There was some entertainment for the kids in the tent in the courtyard, which the boys checked out. They were dancing, and playing musical statues. Alex loved it and joined in with the dancing, but Harrison was a little shy, so just stood watching the action.




* We were given a 4 night stay at Blluestone in return for an honest and unbiased review.


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  1. We visited that part of Wales too and it’s lovely, weather hit and miss though! We use the ferry between engkand and Ireland every couple of months visiting family so I’m well familiar with the docks!

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