The Changing of the Seasons

Despite the fact that the rain is beating on the window and the wind is howling, rattling the iron gate outside our bedroom window, spring is coming. Daffodils and snowdrops are poking through in the garden, the nights are slowly getting lighter, and the air is just that little bit warmer. Living in Birmingham, I never paid much attention to the changing of the seasons. Everything just seemed grey and miserable, whatever the season. Maybe that was just my mood, maybe it was the environment. Here, I’m so much more aware of the colours of the leaves, the time the sun rises and sets, how warm the air is.

We moved here mid way through Autumn when the trees were various shades of red and orange. We’ve lived here through the winter, with bare trees and frost on the sand. We’ve seen the beach deserted, bar the odd dog walker. We’ve seen waves bigger than any I’ve ever seen before, crashing over the promenade. We’ve seen the mountains covered in snow. Everything shuts down, having a deep sleep before the tourists and the crowds come back.

Everything is slowly starting to wake up. The markets are reopening, the fun fair is being built. The caravan sites are getting ready to reopen, ready for the new season. Soon, the beaches will have people on, the town centre will be busy once again. I’m excited to see where we live in the spring and the summer, as someone who lives here rather than on holiday here. I can’t wait to take the kids down to the beach after school for a proper play rather than a quick walk, not having to rush back before it gets too cold and dark. I can’t wait to be able to walk barefoot on the sand rather than pull on thick socks and wellies. I want to see what the mountains look like covered in green instead of white.

I’m starting to make plans for the warmer months, for our weekends. Picnics and treasure hunts, exploring and going on adventures. Seeing the children playing with other kids on the beach, digging holes and building sand castles,  jumping in the waves. We aren’t going to be spending our summer watching TV and tablets and letting it go past us in a blur. We are going to be out there, enjoying it, living it and making the most of every moment.



One thought on “The Changing of the Seasons

  1. Looks amazing
    Can’t wait for the better weather
    I’ve got as far as banning tech at certain times of the day and always at meal times

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