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It’s baking season – Get help from Chopping Away now

I’ve been a mother for nearly 7 years now, and every year around this time the delicious smell of baked apples and cinnamon remind me that the season of hot, oven-baked comfort food has begun.

At the same time – with All Hallows Eve and Christmas looming – it is a reminder to spend more time with each other as a family to talk, share love and warmth. How better to do this than with a home cooking session, involving little sticky fingers and lots of laughter?

But what about the mess?The preparation, the effort to come up with something more varied and exciting than the thousandth muffin? What about the cleaning up afterwards?

I’ve recently set up Chopping Away to take the work element out of cooking and baking with children. Chopping Away offers you a unique, exciting way to celebrate the fun and imagination in cooking at home.

Whether it is creepy Halloween crawlies, sparkly Christmas cookies or simple, home-cooked comfort – I pitch cooking and baking at the right level for every child’s age and experience.

There are even options for dressing up, decorations and exciting stories for an all-round experience your child will never forget.

Intrigued? You can visit my website here to find out more details.

Just to let you know – I am a qualified teacher, with a Biology background and a Certificate in Health and Nutrition, as well as a Certificate in Food Safety for Catering. I subscribe to the DBS update service, so your child will be in safe hands at all times!




This is a guest post by a friend. No payment was received for publishing this post. 

3 thoughts on “Chopping Away”

  1. I do agree that everyone should be in the kitchen preparing meals, it’s the best part of the day. 🙂

  2. I too love home cooking, nothing like the satisfaction of creating something yourself rather than shop bought.Also you know what is in the ingredients.

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