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If you want your kids to be master bakers, it’s important to teach them young. Baking with kids can be a lot of fun if you do it right. Plus, it’s an educational way to spend the afternoon. It is, however, important to note that it can be messy. So, get the aprons out and get baking. Here’s how to ensure the cakes are a success.

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First, head to the supermarket and get the gear. Chances are, you already have the equipment. All you need to worry about is ingredients. Taking your kids can be useful. It’ll show them what goes into a cake, from beginning to end. But, don’t let this trip turn into a weekly shop. No child enjoys food shopping, and if they’re bored, they’ll go off the idea. Instead, write your list before you go and keep things fast. Keep the kids involved by letting them pick things off the shelves. 


Chances are, your children will put their hearts and souls into their bakes. So, you can’t afford for things to go wrong. Failure could dissuade your kids from trying their hand at baking again. Make sure to pick a recipe you know. That way, you can guarantee it’ll turn out right. It helps to pick something simple. Biscuits or cupcakes are as far as you need to take things at this stage. You can move onto something more complicated once your kids have mastered the basics.


Too often, parents take over when teaching kids to bake. Once the electric whisk is out, the pressure for success gets to us all. As we said, it’s important these bakes turn out well. But, it’s also important that you remember to teach your kids as you go. Make sure to stand by and let them do the work. This is how you keep the engaged. It’s also how they learn. You may want to jump in, but don’t. Remain an observer, and talk them through each step.


Once the cakes are cooked, remember to sit back and enjoy them with your kids. The baking is a reward in itself, but children work best when they see results. They’ll be glad to see you enjoying what they made. Make it a special occasion by getting out your best plates, and stocking up on special drinks. A new type of tea for the kids, and something like this luwak coffee for you, will ensure things feel special. Make sure, too, to sit at the table. Oh, and don’t forget to tell them how fabulous their baking is!

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The clean up is as much a part of baking as the cakes. Make sure your children remember that by getting them to clean their mess. Cleaning for them will only teach them that the cleaning fairy deals with the more tedious part of the job. And, that’s not a message any parent should give their children!

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