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Things my younger, child-free brother is good at:

  • Drinking beer
  • Raving
  • Riding motorbikes
  • Taking selfies with animals
  • Playing in soft play centres

Things my younger, child-free brother is not so good at:

  • Buying presents for children


The kids absolutely worship their Uncle Simon, and he is a pretty cool and fun uncle. He’ll probably be the one sneaking them into the pub when they’re 16 with instructions not to tell us. However, when it comes to buying them gifts for birthdays and Christmas…well, he’s not so cool. He’s much more likely to give the money to my mum and send her off to the toy shop with instructions to get something for them from him.

When Wicked Uncle got in touch and asked us if we wanted to take part in their challenge, we knew Simon would be absolutely perfect for it. The challenge was to find a grown up that didn’t have children of their own and get them to buy a gift up to the value of £40 from the Wicked Uncle website to prove that it really is simple to find the perfect gift for any child on there.

I sent my brother the voucher code that Wicked Uncle provided us with and gave him no instructions other than to buy with Harrison in mind. I *may* have also told him that any toys that made lots of noise would be played with outside his bedroom door at 6am on a Sunday morning. I’m sure that didn’t have any influence on his choice though…

He reported back that the website was clear and simple to use, and that there was plenty of choice on there. The gift came really quickly and I’m not going to lie, I opened it in secret so I could hide it from the kids if it was awful!


Turns out Uncle Simon did good! It was a beautiful, high-quality wooden football set made by Le Toy Van – I’ve often mentioned about how I love wooden toys, so obviously somewhere down the line, he must have been listening! Harrison and Alex were absolutely over the moon with it.


It is beautifully made, and one of those toys that will really stand the test of time. So far in the holidays, the kids have had it out most days.


*We were provided with a £40 voucher to spend at Wicked Uncle. All thoughts and opinion are our own. 

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