7 Things You Need In A First-Rate Home Office

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Home offices are essential for getting work done. However, we don’t always know how to equip them to maximise productivity. For most of our working lives, our employers or office letting agents have done that for us. 

Now, though, it’s time to take power into our own hands so that we can write more blogs, connect to more clients, and get more done in the time available to us. 

Surge-Protection Power Strip

The number of appliances you need in your home office can be considerable. It’s not just a laptop, but your printer, lighting, notebook, phone charger, dehumidifier and so on. The list is practically endless. 

Most home offices have two sockets – four at the most. So it’s a good idea to invest in surge protection in Woodstock, GA. This will provide you with all of the sockets that you need and prevent electricity surges from damaging any of your equipment. 

Weekly Planner Mouse Pad

Another great addition to your home office is a weekly planner mouse mat. These are essentially note pads that you can wipe clean at the end of the week, once you’ve completed all the tasks. They’re so convenient too because you can just write on them whenever you need to. 

A Beautiful Pot Plant

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When designing your perfect home office, never forget the importance of pot plants. They’re not just there for show. They can actually make you feel better and, therefore, more productive. 

For example, if you have a large monitor on your desk, flank it with greenery on either side. You’ll notice that it makes you feel better and increases the amount of work that you’re able to get done in a specified time period. 

Improve Your Internet Connection

A slow internet connection is a nightmare if you’re working from home. When the broadband doesn’t provide enough bandwidth, it affects your Zoom calls, ability to access documents in the cloud, and perform basic online word processing. 

Internet speeds tend to be higher in the city. However, depending on where you live, you might be able to get rural broadband with similar speeds. Check your local provider to see whether they can move you to an upgraded line.

If you are not sure how fast your internet is running, then you can contact your existing provider, and they will no doubt be able to help, but a much easier and simpler way of finding out how fast your broadband is to look online for your speed test results, where you will get a clearer idea of speeds within seconds. 

Waterproof Desk Pad

Instead of using separate mouse mats and coasters, invest in a single large desk pad on which you can put your keyboard, mouse, food and drinks, without worrying about damaging your desk with watermarks. As well as this, you will need consider purchasing a high-quality chair so that you do not damage your spine and back whilst working; you should make sure that you order a chair with the right back support that is adjustable to ensure no future issues with your back. When purchasing a chair, you should find a reputable retailer like Fenstone to guarantee the product is of a high quality, so you can work while being comfortable and supported. 

Ceramic Oil Diffusers

As you work, it’s nice to have pleasant smells wafting into your nostrils. That’s where a ceramic oil diffuser can help. These gently emit aromas into your working space, helping you to feel calm, relaxed and happier. 

Add A Faux Fur Rug

Adding a faux fur rug is another great strategy for improving the atmosphere in your home office. It doesn’t have to be particularly big, either. Just place it under one of the legs on your desk or underneath your swivel chair so that you have somewhere soft to rest your feet while you are working. 

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