Borrowing a Car for a Road Trip – What Do You Need to Know?

Road tripping is, arguably, the best way to explore the UK’s nooks and crannies. Road trip adventures are adventures like no other, between the fun drives around country roads and the thrilling views they offer. But not all cars are up for the task of a long trip – and yours might not be either.

As such, you might find yourself gearing up to ask a friend if you can borrow theirs. Borrowing a car can get complicated, if not legally then emotionally; what are some important things to think about when it comes to borrowing a friend’s car? We’ll assume that the basics of your trip are already well in hand, from planning the length and breadth of your travels to sorting accommodation and even packing. Here, we’ll focus on the specifics of borrowing from a pal, and how you can navigate the situation with relative ease.


In order to be legally permitted to drive your friend’s vehicle, whether on UK roads or internationally, you will need to be insured on it. This means taking out a short-term insurance plan to cover you with the vehicle in question. If you are sharing driving duties with another, you might even be able to save a bit of your travel budget via a one day car insurance plan


Whatever the specifics of your travel and travel arrangements, you need to be honest and transparent with your friend about the nature and form of your travels. Your friend has a right to know where their car is going, after all! By communicating regularly and clearly with your friend, you can ensure that everything remains above board, and that your friendship isn’t negatively impacted by the borrowing of such a valuable possession.

Safety and Care

Here, safety encompasses more than one facet of road trip preparation and execution. For one, you need to be safe in your travels, and need to make steps to ensure your safety in the event of an accident or breakdown – unlikely as they may be. As well as packing for your trip, you should also be packing an emergency kit bag that includes water, layers and tools.

Safety can also refer to your treatment of the car in the process of travel. Since it isn’t your car to damage, you will need to take especial care on the roads and in parking it. Any damage unnecessarily caused to the car could be costly to you and your friend, and also put strain on your relationship!

Borrowing a friend’s car is a naturally nerve-wracking thing, and you might benefit from considering alternatives that do not risk the strength of your friendship. However, if it is the right way forward for you, and your friend consents, following the above steps can help ensure your road trip goes off without a hitch.

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