How To Make Life Easier For Yourself As A Business Owner

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I never, in a million years, thought I would be a business owner. I was a teacher! Now, I do own my own business, albeit a small one. In fact, in just a couple of weeks time, I will have two: my blogging and freelance writing one, and my brand new photography one.

While there are plenty of benefits to being a business owner and being able to set your own hours and rules, it can also be difficult. For one, it is lonely and isolating sometimes, and two – when you get overwhelmed, it can be incredibly stressful. However, it is important to realise that even the most successful of business owners and CEO’s give themselves a break once in a while and do things that make their jobs and their lives a little easier. Here are just three things you can do to take the stress away

1.Hire an assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant to help me manage emails and keep on top of social media scheduling and invoices is something that, if my photo business takes off next year, I will be looking into. It takes those tasks that are absolutely essential but time drainers away from me so I can concentrate on growing my business and writing content and taking photos. If you do take on an assistant, or staff in any capacity, it is important that you learn to engage employees with this guide from Thirsty Horses.

2. Say no

This is one thing that I am absolutely terrible at doing, but it is one of my goals for the new year. It can sound counter-productive, but to be frank, if you take too much on, you are going to be spreading yourself very thinly and possibly not do quite as good a job. Start messing jobs up, and your customers and clients will stay away.

3. Use automation services

I am all over the automation services. I use various software and websites to schedule social media updates for both my clients and my blog work. I use Boomerang on Google to write emails at a time that is convenient for me, then send during working hours. I use the scheduling option on my blog, which allows to me to write content days, weeks or even months in advance. I have skills set up on my Amazon echo dot to remind me of appointments and deadlines and my to-do list, saving me time flicking through diaries and notebooks.

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How To Make Life Easier For Yourself As A Business Owner

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  1. Great read – who knows one day I may just have my own business

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