4 Baby Shower Gifts to Go In On With Friends

When it comes to gifts at baby showers, we all have a desire to give our expecting family or friends something that will be both useful and long-lasting. Many times, the best way to give a grand gift without the big price tag is to go in on a gift together with friends. Here are four fabulous big gift ideas that can be split among friends!

Ergobaby Strollers

Strollers are an absolute must, and often at the top of the list for families expecting a baby. Having something that is lightweight, compact, and usable from infancy to toddler days is something that would make a wonderful baby shower gift. These Ergobaby strollers check off all the boxes for me! Keep in mind that having more than one stroller is always a good idea- that way, both parents can each have their own, or one to keep in the car and one to stay at home. Truly, strollers are always a great way to go when it comes to baby shower gifts!

Baby Brezza formula maker 

Any parent that has prepared a bottle of formula for their baby knows that those precious minutes can be excruciating. When your baby is ready to eat, she’s ready to eat now! This formula dispenser is a serious lifesaver, producing warm formula bottles instantly. It is compatible with all formula brands and bottle types and is extremely clean and hygienic. A formula dispenser accompanied by a package of baby bottles and some formula would make a wonderful gift!

Halo BassiNest

Having a bassinet makes midnight feedings a lot easier on mom and is commonly used by parents of newborns. Very rarely do parents choose to put their baby in a crib in their own room right away, and there is so much comfort and ease in having your little one at your side. You may want to double-check to make sure the new mom in your life isn’t planning on skipping the bassinet before going with this purchase, but if she is in need of one, the Halo BassiNet is definitely top of the line and a must-have for new parents!

Baby Monitor

Every new parent feels a sense of comfort and peace of mind in being able to monitor their child while they’re sleeping. Today, there are so many fantastic options when it comes to baby monitors. From video monitors to smart monitors that the baby wears to monitor their heart rate, there is something for everyone. Do some research to find the best type that would work for your loved one and their new little bundle of joy.

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