Weigh In: Week Two

Well, week two and a massive disappointment. I didn’t put anything on, but I didn’t lose anything either. I really don’t understand why. I’ve pretty much stuck to the plan. On Saturday we visited a foodies festival, and I reckon I went about 300 calories over – but should have more than made up for that in the amount of walking we did, so I am a more than a bit puzzled. However, people have said that I may have lost inches rather than weight – I didn’t measure myself so I have no idea. We also seem to have an issue with scales – In four ‘weigh ins’ I had three different weights (Graham can vouch for this!), and I seem to have different weights depending on where I stand in the kitchen. Now I have no idea about how accurate our scales are!!

I felt really down in the dumps about it this morning (it’s Friday when I am writing this!) and may have had a cry and a sulk. I’m now feeling a bit more positive about it. I’m still 8lb lighter than I was two weeks ago! I’ve finished the Slim Fast Challenge now, so am now making the transition to eating ‘normally’. I’ve downloaded My Fitness Pal for my iphone, which calculates how many calories I need per day if I want to lose two pounds a week based on my current weight and height. The good thing about this is I can scan in products and it works it all out for me. By using this, I can keep an eye on my calorie intake. I still have some slim fast bits and pieces left, and I’m going to use those in conjunction with My Fitness Pal.

I’m not holding out for a huge loss – if one at all – again next week, as this weekend I am away for my sister in laws wedding. I know that my attitude towards food has changed though, and won’t just eat for the sake of it – I’ll be thinking a little more carefully and making healthier choices where possible!

Pounds lost: 8lb

Pounds still to lose: 70lbs

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  1. Don’t feel disheartened as you have said you’re still 8lbs down and have done so well 🙂
    Are you drinking lots of water too because I think that helps?
    My husband has done really well losing weight with the MyFitnessPal app so I hope it works for you x

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