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Last year, I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a cinematic lightbox. After all, are you even a real blogger if you don’t style some of your photos with a lightbox? We used it on and off for photo props, to leave each other rude lovely and motivational messages and just as part of the decor in the house.  It fell apart a couple of months ago, and I was gutted. When Gingersnap sent me one of their lightboxes, I was dead chuffed.

Win a lightbox and coloured letter pack from Gingersnap

We’ve been reviewing the A4 original lightbox with black shell which is £15 on the website.  It comes with 85 black letters (all uppercase), numbers and symbols as standard. It uses either 6xAA batteries or can be plugged into the wall with a 9v DC adaptor, which isn’t included.

As well as the lightbox, we were also sent an A4 coloured letter pack which I was really excited about. As much as I love the iconic black lettering, the bright colours add a bit of fun to it. There are 120 coloured letters, numbers, icons and symbols. There are some brilliant icons in the pack – Batman heads, Santas, pumpkins, wine glasses, balloons and more. I especially loved the social media icons, which are perfect for bloggers!

Win a lightbox and coloured letter pack from Gingersnap

We’ve been having lots of fun with the lightbox and as we hurtle towards the festive season, I can see this being used more and more!

Win a lightbox and coloured letter pack from Gingersnap

Win a lightbox and coloured letter pack from Gingersnap

Thanks to the lovely people at Gingersnap, you could be in with a chance of winning the A4 original lightbox and coloured letter pack. To enter, follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter Widget below.

Good luck!

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The closing date is Monday 6th November 2017 at midnight.

There is one prize of an A4 original lightbox and coloured letter pack as described in the review above.  No cash alternative.
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*We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are own.

196 thoughts on “Gingersnap Lightbox | Review and Giveaway”

  1. I’d use it in my classroom, but would definitely have some fun with it at home first!!

  2. So many I can think of!! Let’s eat cake would be my favourite or But First Coffee

  3. I’d leave it sat on a towering pile of washing with the instruction ‘WASH ME’ on it just for my hubby. He needs good solid instruction lol
    Insta: Mistressjj

  4. If the kids aren’t around it would probably be messages left for my other half such as
    Love you cockwomble
    Or fuck off I’m sleeping
    But it would also be perfect to use for our wedding, maybe with Mr & Mrs Somerfield or our hashtag #itssomerfieldtime x

  5. I would use it for my dad’s wedding in December with Congratulations Mr and Mrs James

  6. I would write ‘Tidy your Room’ so I didn’t have to keep saying to my children… You never know it may even work lol

  7. I would write ‘You can do this!’ to remind myself that I can do things and to not be so negative. @craftydannii

  8. “Beware of the budgie” which I’d leave in my window to scare the burglars off 😉

  9. @lozzle77 i’d have hoover the stairs in might jog my sons memory that he is meant to do it

  10. I’d probably let my daughter have it and see what she’d come up with. If it was left to me it would be something related to the kids. When they were small and always used to yell “Muuum!!!” I used to say “That’s it- I’m changing my name to Doris!” so “Call me Doris” would be a good one in our house. Or “Have you hung your coat up?” or anything that meant I was still nagging without actually speaking!!

  11. I’d use it at my wedding so probably “Mr and Mrs” or “Meet the Patons”… and up to that time “Keep calm and carry on” because wedding planning is stressful!

  12. I would add a line from a favourite song of mine ‘All of me loves all of you’ a message to all of my family x

  13. I imagine I’d change it up fairly often but I’d probably go for “Should I? No. Here I go!” which is a quote from Tangled, my current favourite Disney film, that reminds me to go for things even when I’m scared!

  14. I would love to put motivational quotes such as Be Happy, Be Bright, Be You 🙂 @naila.003

  15. I have three boys, and I find myself constantly saying “be nice to your brother.” So I think that would be the first thing I’d put on there.

  16. “Just keep swimming” I know it’s a line from Finding Nemo but it’s kind of my mantra most of the time. 🙂

  17. I’d have Know Thyself – a bit cheesy but so relevant to everyone and reminds me of my days studying ancient history (@melissaleeinsta)

  18. I’d write ‘happy catturday’ because I’m a crazy cat lady @beccaandgau

  19. I would write, Always Be Kind as this is something that I say to my 5 year old daughter every day!!

  20. Well, with my immature nature, I would probably write swear words to insult my fiancé, lol. I have a sequin cushion that he wakes up to most days with a new insult written on it! hahaha

  21. We are all adults in this house now except for my 1 year old grandson, I know it would contain a lot of swear words! hehe

  22. I’d put it in the kitchen & have It’s gin o’clock as my phrase

    Instagram katieo2500

  23. Lots and lots like jelly tots …its what I say to my kids, when they see it they will be reminded how much I love them

  24. i plan on asking my amazing hubby to renew our wedding vows this xmas day .. hes been my rock this last year as i lost my dad and granma within a week of eachother its been a rough ride!!… so i would say

    MARRY ME AGAIN? on the light box if i win x

  25. id use it on my instagram unashamed_bookhoarder for my book pictures and use it for bookhauls and small quotes

  26. I would put “hello sunshine’ on it and put it in my son’s room so it’s the first thing he see’s in the morning. My husband could also use it to leave me cute messages before he leaves for work.
    Insta- kezzzzzaaaa

  27. I would let the kids put whatever they wanted on there(best not tell that to my teenager tho)

  28. a welcome message to my two nieces who are visiting from Oz for the first time next year

  29. They’d change. But I’d probably start with Amanda Palmer’s ‘Stop pretending art is hard.’

  30. I’m a softie, so probably would start with ‘Je t’aime ma cherie’ for my little one!

  31. I would put Eat,sleep, dance repeat and give it to my daughter. She has been asking for a light box for her room and she loves dancing and performing arts. If i was keeping for me I would have said…..Keep Calm and bake on 🙂 My insta handle is @scratchycat1974 xx

  32. I would put ‘do some de-cluttering!’ as I’m having a massive clear out, but now I’m flagging.

  33. ‘WEDDING PARTY’ or something similar for our Wedding party.

  34. I would use it to write something positive for the Nursery children i look after within my Nursery.

  35. I would have to change it several times a day but the first one would be Have A Good Day

  36. I’d put something different everyday for the family to see when they get out of bed in the morning by which time I’ll be on my way to work

  37. I would put ‘Let it Snow’ and have it in the living room at winter time <3

  38. I would put it in my girls room and the first message would be to clean the room xx

  39. ‘clean your room’ so the kids don’t have any excuse for forgetting to do so lol. @sharonstanley1982

  40. i would love to do a holiday countdown and change it daily
    its very exiting and you know its getting closer each time you change it

  41. I would have ‘burtys bar’ on it…for my other half and his make shift bar in the garden that hes built

  42. I would use it as a count down to christmas ,birthdays and holidays . @alienbuffy

  43. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂 I would like to leave a message that will make anyone who walks into the room smile. Or something incredibly random to confuse people!

  44. I would write lots of different messages on it, depending on what was happening that day!

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