36 Weeks Update

It’s been a while since I posted an update, with house moves and no internet! We’ve reached 36 weeks, which means this time next week, we will be considered ‘term’ and it will be perfectly safe for Benjamin to make an appearance.

I’ve been joking that at 37 weeks I’m issuing Ben with an eviction notice. All joking aside, I have had enough now and I will be glad to reach the point where he can be safely born, and to be honest, in terms of practical reasons, it would be easier if he made an appearance sooner rather than later! I know that this is something I don’t really have any control over, and that he will come when he is good and ready,

Like I said, I’ve had enough now. I’m not sleeping very well because I’m up and down to the loo (seven times the other night!!), turning over in bed is hard work. My hips ache at night and I’ve got almost constant heartburn. I am struggling to put my shoes and socks on, and getting down on the floor to play with the kids is impossible. I’m exhausted by 2pm and find myself dozing off when the kids are sleeping. I know this is only going to be for a maximum of six weeks now, but I really am beginning to struggle!

I had my final growth scan last week. I have had them because Harrison was small at birth (even though Alex was a decent weight). The scan was fine – they did um and ah about me going back for another scan because he had dropped a centile and is measuring a little bit smaller than most at this point, but after a second opinion they decided he was still growing nicely so I don’t have to go back. He seems to be measuring around the 5lb 5oz mark at the moment – apparently around 6lb is the norm at this point. I had a midwife appointment as well today, and she is happy enough with his growth – I obviously just don’t grow very big babies! I must be carrying a swimming pool of water though – my bump is huge!!!!

Everything is ready for his arrival now – the bags are packed and at the side of the bed, the moses basket is up, the steriliser has been bought (we lost our old one somehow!) and the car seat cover has been washed. I have written my birth plan, which you can read here. I have my birth ball ready to encourage him into position and my TENS machine from Mama TENS should be arriving shortly.

Here is Benjamin bump at 36 weeks:



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  1. I have the opposite problem and make big babies but have a personalised growth chart so they are expecting another big one! I am already sleeping in the afternoon when the boys do, I am just desperately hoping they are still napping in 4 months time!

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