5 Reasons To Store Your Wine In A Vault

Across the country, you’ll find plenty of different companies who can store your wine in the perfect conditions and make sure that they are safe. Many people invest in bottles of wine but don’t think about the fact that storing them on a wine rack is not the best thing to do. Here, we are going to talk you through why you should store your wine in a vault. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.


One of the most important reasons that you should think about storing your wine in a wine cellar is the fact that you can keep it safe. You might not have a huge collection of wine right now but if you have any intentions of starting a collection of fine wines then it is a good idea to think about security. Wine can be worth a lot and security should be one of your main priorities.


For wine to age in the best possible conditions, you should make sure that it rests in a controlled temperature. The Corsham Cellars is just one of the wine vaults that you can use to make sure that your wine is kept at the right temperature. These cellars are located 100 feet beneath the Wiltshire hills and the perfect temperature is maintained, with humidity being controlled at the optimum level. You won’t need to worry about turning the heating on in your home or those days when the temperature might drop quite low. With a controlled temperature and environment, you can be sure that your wine is fine.


As well as the right temperature, your wine should stay in conditions where the light is controlled. This is not something which is easy to achieve when you store your wine in your home, so you should think about using a wine vault. Make sure to find a vault with light controls to ensure that they are keeping your wine in a good condition.


When your wine collection is reasonably small it is easy to keep track of what you have. Of course, as time goes on and your collection grows, you might find that you need to introduce some sort of organisation process. This means that you will know which bottles you have in your collection and you can store their documentation properly. Make sure to stay organised and consider using a wine vault that comes with special organisation features.

More Space

The final reason why you should think about storing your wine in a vault is the fact that you will have a lot more space. Many people would like to start a wine collection, but they just don’t have enough space in their home for it. This is why using a wine vault can be such a good idea as it gives you the space that you need to start your own wine collection and try something new.

If you are thinking about starting a wine collection, then you should make sure to find a wine vault that you can use to store your wine.

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