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When we lived in Birmingham, Harrison had free school lunches, as all infant school children in England are entitled to them. In Wales, there isn’t that entitlement, so we had to start making Harrison packed lunches. Trying to pack a lunch that is nutritionally balanced, keep a growing six-year-old full and tasty and fun at the same time is not always easy. Sometimes, we fall into the rut of ham sandwich/yoghurt/fruit/biscuit with a carton of juice. Boring, but simple and he would eat it. Luckily, the school is really relaxed about packed lunches – there are no silly rules about treats and they can even have nuts. This year, I have not one but two packed lunches to do every day as Alex starts reception, so I’ve been looking out for bits that they can take.

I’d love to say the sample of Knoppers – crispy baked wafers with a milky hazelnut filling and topped with chocolate and wafers – have lasted long enough to put into their lunchboxes this week, but they didn’t. They were far too delicious to resist. They were really lush with a cup of coffee.

You can see why they are really popular and have been a bit of a sell-out in 50 other countries, but as of the beginning of September, us British customers can get our hands on them as well.

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