30 Week Update

30 weeks (well, actually 30+5 now – I’ve fallen almost a week behind with each post!)…so in less than 7 weeks I will be considered ‘term’, and baby is free to come! Harrison was born at 37+3 weeks so if he is anything like him it’s not going to be long!

Not an eventful week. I had my GTT test which you can read about here, and I’ve booked my whooping cough and flu jabs for next week, but apart from that it’s been nice and quiet. I’m getting a few comments about the size of my bump now, which I think most pregnant women unless they’re absolutely tiny get. Not sure why people think it is okay to comment on someones size, but I just bite my tongue.

I found some bump pictures of when I was pregnant with Harrison and Alex at around the 29 week mark, and compared it to my 29 week Benjamin bump – was interesting to see how each bump was completely different! Harrison was, as you would expect, the smallest.  I was generally a lot slimmer then anyway, and he was only 6lb born. I feel like I am bigger with Ben than I was with Alex, but the photos show different! This time I think it is more of a defined and round ‘bump’. What do you think?


One thought on “30 Week Update”

  1. I think its a gorgeous bump- definitely nice and round! I keep getting people asking me when I’m due and since I have a date now I no longer say November, I say a couple of weeks and they always retort with a ‘gosh you’re tiny!’ comment. Argh. Better than massive I guess but it still stings a little when I think of all the anxiety related to this baby’s size!!
    I think the only way to deal with it is to ignore- we are all built differently and we all carry differently too. The end result is the same- a gorgeous baby at the end of it 🙂 x x x

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