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We all have things in our life that need filling — whether it be a spare few hours in the day that we spend wasted whilst perched in front of the TV or a space in our life that has recently been left open by an ex, there’s always an empty space that needs something in it. And our homes are no different.

If you’ve already started on turning your home into a classy adult space, then why not go the whole hog and introduce a bar to a space that is currently calling out for something to fill it? Whether it be a ‘wet bar’ for alcohol or a bar that serves soft drinks, smoothies or even coffee, you can create one in the space in your kitchen, garage, basement or even your barn that has gone wanting for years. You could make the space sophisticated by adding a bar made of rough hewn slats of wood that has chic wood barstools sat next to it; you could give the area an open feel by adding a bar that is adjacent to a TV, or even a window; or if you want a more contemporary-style area you can add a black granite countertop bar that sits in front of a wall adorned by shelves and an adjustable LED backlighting that can be changed according to the mood required. And why stop with the bar? LED tape for decorating your home can also be sought. Whether it be your bathroom, kitchen or personal office space that needs brightening up, introducing a strip of LED lighting to any space instantly makes it futuristic and look like a place that wouldn’t go amiss in a space ship.

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If you have any empty and awkward corners in your home then don’t fear because you can fill those too. If you have a cat, or if there is a cat in the neighbourhood that has taken to spending most of its time in your home, then why not put an epic cat tower in one of your corners. A tower, like those found on Franklin Cat Furniture offer the perfect climbing frames for any cats in your life, whilst still looking sleek and funky in your corners. They can even act as interest vertical storage units too if your cat really doesn’t take to it. And if you don’t have a cat, then you can simply take to filling the corners with art — if you’ve ever got space to fill, art is always good to turn too. To turn a neglected space into a treat for anybody eyes, try adding some art, or a plant, you can never go too wrong with a plant.

So, if you have any spaces that are just calling out for something to fill them, it’s your duty as a homeowner to make use of all the spare feet in your empty square footage by filling them with the most practical yet innovative furnishings available.

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