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If you follow me on social media, you will know that on Wednesday, we went to Window to the Womb, Ellesmere Port for an early gender scan – and we found out that baby is a GIRL!!

I should probably add here that had baby been a boy, we would have been over the moon, but I don’t think that there is any harm saying that we were hoping it would be a girl. After all, we have three beautiful boys, so a little girl to try and break up the level of testosterone floating around here was always going to be nice!

Window to the Womb Ellesmere Port

How was our experience at Window to the Womb, Ellesmere Port?

In a nutshell – incredible. Despite both me and baby being awkward and not wanting to play ball (we are both females, after all!), the whole experience from start to finish was lovely, and the staff there were fantastic. From the moment we walked in, we could tell that they loved their jobs and were genuinely excited and happy for you. You can’t fake that.

The waiting area is a large, airy space and there are plenty of seats. I was really surprised to see that despite it being late on a Wednesday evening just how busy it was. We sat in a corner where there were a few children’s toys – you can take in children (up to five guests) with you into the scan, which means the whole family can be involved. The scan room was huge, with large screens everywhere and sofas for the guests to sit on.

Window to the Womb Ellesemere Port

Now, you are warned if you are having a scan before 22 weeks to make sure you have a full bladder. This is because baby tends to sit bolt upright, making it very difficult to see the essential bits. Having a full bladder changes the position of the uterus and puts baby in a much better position. Despite having downed two large drinks on the way and feeling like I needed a wee, mine wasn’t full enough. Back out we went so I could down two huge glasses of water. Back in we went. Nope. It hadn’t travelled down yet. Back out we went for a walk around and to encourage baby to jiggle about. Back in we went. Nope. Bladder and baby were not playing ball.

This is where I really have to praise the staff at Window to the Womb, Ellesmere Port. They persevered and persevered until at last, baby moved. I could tell exactly when they spotted the sex. Looking at the screen, we were all convinced it was a boy as it looked like a willy. And then, the magic words:

“It’s a girl”

I don’t remember the next few minutes if I’m honest because, as much as I tried not to, I was crying. I know the boys were jumping about and were so, so happy, and Graham was just standing there in a bit of shock. Even though both of us did have a feeling it might be a girl, I don’t think we actually expected it. The scan carried on for another few minutes, with a sneaky 4d peek which was amazing.

As part of the package we had – the wellbeing and gender scan (£59), we had 4 printed pictures, and a link to all the photos for us to download digitally. There’s also a huge selection of gender reveal accessories – balloons, party poppers, heartbeat bears and more. We opted for party poppers for our little (badly filmed!) reveal.

If you are considering a private scan, whether for reassurance purposes, gender, or the 4d scans further on, I highly recommend Window to the Womb, Ellesmere Port.

*We had our scan free of charge in return for this review. All words are our own and have not been influenced in any way.

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  1. The scans are incredible now with the 4d etc, although I prefer the surprise of seeing what baby looks like after the hard work of labour, I have seen friends and familys photos and videos and they are amazing, we have one boy and two girls, we found out the sex on 2 and had a surprise on our middle child, although my pregnancy was the total opposite on my son so I had a sneaky feeling she was a girl, even painted the bedroom pink lol xx

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