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Well hello third trimester! We are on the home stretch now – in about ten weeks we will be meeting our little lady!

When I was first pregnant, I wanted it to go slowly and savour every minute of it, but I’m not going to lie, I’m at the point now where the next ten weeks can’t go quick enough. I love being pregnant (mostly) and feeling her kick and move about, but I’m fed up of the swollen feet, backache, sore hips and not being able to bend over. I’m also, of course, so excited to see her!

Sleep has been a huge, huge problem lately. It takes me absolutely ages to fall asleep, even if I’m knackered, and then at around 1 am, without fail, I wake up, and I’m awake until 4/5 am. Thank god for Netflix!

My bump is absolutely enormous now – I think I’m as big now as I was full term with the others. I’ve got a growth scan booked for next week to see how she’s cooking, so it will be interesting to see how big she is estimated to be so far. By the end of today (Tuesday) I should know whether I have gestational diabetes or not. Apparently, if I don’t hear anything, it’s good news and I haven’t heard anything yet, so fingers crossed.

I bought a birth ball last week to start sitting on, and it’s already making a big difference. My hips are still achy, but sitting on it and rocking on it makes it a little more comfortable. I’ve also been sent a Cub Inflatable Birth Stool, which looks fabulous. I’m not sure I will be using it much in pregnancy, as although super comfortable, to sit on at the moment, it is a little too low, but it’s definitely coming with me in it’s little portable bag to hospital with me when I’m in labour. I’m so keen to avoid another second or third-degree tear this time, and I’ve always ended up in that traditional on my back, legs akimbo position for birth, which is the worst thing to do! The main reason is that the hospital I had the boys in never had anything in them to encourage you to be in any other position (or I wasn’t offered them, anyway!). I know Glan Clwyd, where I will be giving birth, apparently has balls to use, but I think this Cub stool will really help me. I’ll be blogging about it properly soon!

Talking of labour and hospital – this weekend’s job will be packing the hospital bags as much as possible. I’ve got most of the things that I will need I think, and I want to get them done ASAP now. The last few weeks of my pregnancy will be through the summer holidays and I want to focus as much of my attention on the boys as I can, without worrying about that job. I also have a gut feeling that she could come early – I will almost definitely be having her before 40 weeks because of my history, but I just have a feeling it could be even earlier, so I want it all done and ready. I’ll be blogging about the hospital bags very soon as well!

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